Anime Expo 2019 Cosplay Showcase

Best Anime Expo 2019 Cosplay Photos

Anime Expo 2019 has come and gone, but not without a few earth-shattering cosplays making the scene at this years iconic convention for anime and manga lovers.

Running from July 4th through 7th, Anime Expo 2019 shook the L.A. cosplay scene with a little help from some nearby earthquakes. From My Hero Academia cosplay groups to One-Punch Man and more, some of the most popular anime characters were represented by cosplayers of all kinds at the AX 2019 con this year.

We have done our best to round-up some of the best cosplay photos from the con, and you have the power to vote them up to the top!

Best of Anime Expo 2019 Cosplay Gallery

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Not for this contest, but look out for future contests where prizes may be available. But you do get bragging rights for being the top cosplay of Anime Expo 2019 as voted by our readers… and all the exposure that comes with that!

Voting will close on July 16th, 2019!

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#2 Ivysaur Cosplay by @bukkitbrown. PH: @thefunion

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I may not be fully bloomed yet to my full potential but I promise as a pokemon I will make you proud! I’ve been so MIA! It’s been soooo busy the past few days and I haven’t had a second to catch my breath, write something out, edit some time photos or lol actually have service to do so. Anime expo has been wild! Yesterday as ivysaur was a blast! I started off originally doing a lot pokemon cosplays back in the day! I’ve always loved the creative opportunities in translating the fabulous pocket monster designs to a humanoid figure! The options are absolutely limitless!!! This time though I really wanted to capture the glorious blooming flower on the back of an ivysaur! And do a version that’s kind of like the cute helper pokemon! I’d be the type of ivysaur out in the garden helping an older trainer tend to their plants! Help all the plants grow with my photosynthesis powers! But yeah! This construction took a lot longer than I had planned and wow was a little like...should have thought this through better but! In the end it was a success! I’m going to clean up some things before wearing again but other wise I loved this cosplay. After not cosplaying a pokemon for so long it felt so good to jump back in to it. I’m going to go over more of the full construction build on the pat of reon later but yeah! I have so so so much to write about everything that has happened! And today is the last day of con! Wheeee! Let’s do this! Photos by @thefunian #ivysaur #bulbasaur #pokemon #nintendoswitch #Nintendo #swordandshield #pokemonswordshield #videogame #classic #retro #plant #leaf #nature #cosplay #animeexpo #animeexpo2019 #ax #anime #trainer

A post shared by Bukkit (@bukkitbrown) on

#3 Momo Yaoyorozu Cosplay by @t0infinityandbey0nd

#5 Izuku Midoriya Cosplay by @tiny_teacake PH: @alex_the_casual

#6 My Hero Academia Cosplay by @pb.and.jaded, @pelojon_snow

#7 Trafalgar Law Cosplay by @black_leg_robby

#8 Ryuko Matoi Cosplay by @cachellecosplay

#10 Ferid Bathory Cosplay by @deisenpaii. PH:

#12 Zephyrmon Cosplay by @azayaka_cosplay

#13 Sexy No Jutsu Sasuke Cosplay by @mixer_cosplay

#16 Futaba Sakura Cosplay by @mixer_cosplay

#18 Percy and Orthax Cosplay by @sabertwix

#19 Giorno & Jotaro Cosplay by @yosttwins

#22 Warrior Alice in Wonderland Cosplay by @unicornbella_cosplay

#23 Furi Kuri Cosplay by @sombra.png

#26 Izuku Midoriya Cosplay by @kenjisenseii

#27 Chun Li Cosplay by @medusamayhem. PH: @i5_adamame

#34 Yoshikage Kira Cosplay at AX2019 by @uponfallenwings

#36 Widowmaker Cosplay by @astrosine PH: @cocoreccho

#37 Ten Commandment Meliodas Cosplay by @captain.leftovers

#38 Present Mic Cosplay by @mulletprince

#39 Cosplay Duck at AX 2019 by @titotheducky

#40 Summer Robin Fire Emblem Cosplay by @memorenti

#41 Mael Cosplay by @undead_bedhead

#42 Zero Two Cosplay by @starberryshortcake

#44 Merlin Fate Grand Order Cosplay by @macaroni.cosplays

#45 King's Avatar Cosplay by @adorables