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Clockwork Orange Droog Costume Guide

Droog Clockwork Orange Costume DIY Guide

Step into the surreal and psychedelic world of one of Stanley Kubrick’s most famous films with a DIY Droog costume from A Clockwork Orange!

From the black bowler hat to the white outfit and mysterious eye makeup, this guide will tell you everything you’ll need to become one of these strange, futuristic criminals at your next cosplay convention.

In A Clockwork Orange, which is set in a dystopian world where government policing of juvenile crime is failing, Alex and his Droogs are a gang of delinquent teenage boys involved with petty crime and random violence.

After brutally assaulting a married couple during a home invasion and going way too far, Alex is caught and after radical behavior-aversion therapy, he loses his sadistic tendencies but discovers that his Droogs want nothing to do with his new mild-mannered self.

The Droogs are manipulative and disturbing but classic characters who will definitely turn heads at any convention or party you attend!

Droog Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like a Droog from A Clockwork Orange


All of the Droogs have feathered hair at various lengths and colors, reminiscent of the 1970’s when the film was originally released. You can use a comb and hairspray for this feature, or you can wear a feathered cosplay wig. Search retail websites and costume shops to find the right wig style.


The Droogs are mostly plain-faced, except for Alex, who wears dark eyeliner with exaggerated eyelashes over one eye, giving him a subtle symbol of leadership among his gang.

You can use black Halloween face makeup or a black eyeliner pencil to add this effect. You can use video tutorials and photos of the character for more inspiration.


All of the Droogs wear full-body white suits which button down at the front. You can use white pants and a white long-sleeved dress shirt, or you can search online to see if a pre-made Droog costume suit is available instead. You can find white clothing at any retail website or shopping mall.


The Droogs all wear plain black bowler hats on the heads. As a very strange style option, all of the Droogs wear a beige codpiece over their own pants, which are held up by matching beige suspenders.

Check retail websites and wholesale websites for these items, or browse costume shops and Halloween stores for a pre-made version of this feature.

Get a pair of black combat boots as well, which the Droogs all wear on their feet. You can buy combat boots at most shoe stores and retail websites.

Finally, you’ll need a long black metal pole to carry with you. The Droogs all carry large metal poles as weapons when hitting the streets for a spree of chaotic violence.

You can purchase large black plastic prop pole weapons online from Halloween stores and costume websites, or you can use craft supplies like cardboard and plastic to make your own replica weapon.