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Halo Cortana B Cosplay Costume


In the Halo games, Cortana is a female artificial intelligence construct who can even exhibit emotion. She was a partner with John-117 during many of his combat missions, and became his constant companion, as well as holding important data relating to the Halos.

Unfortunately she was briefly thought to be dead, which left John emotionally upset by the ordeal, but luckily for gaming fans and John both, Cortana returned with a whole new adventure on her mind, hoping to bring her vision of peace to life.

This witty and charming character has long been popular with Halo fans, and she’s a great choice for any cosplayer.

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Cortana Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Cortana from Halo


Cortana has dark navy blue hair in a short bob-style cut on her head, with thin strands of shorter bangs framing either side of her forehead.

To recreate this look for your costume, you can dye your own hair blue and style it, or you can wear a navy blue cosplay wig.


Cortana has glowing light blue skin, dark turquoise eyes framed by black eyeliner and mascara, and blue lips matching her skin, although they are slightly darker in color.

This AI glow might seem tricky to pull off, but with the right face makeup, it’s possible. Purchase some light blue Halloween face paint, some black eyeliner, black mascara and turquoise colored contact lenses to give yourself Cortana’s futuristic appearance.

For her glowing look, you can use highlighting facial shimmer contouring makeup, or clip some blue LED portable lights underneath your wig to cast a light across your face without being too obvious.

You can buy blue lipstick from party supply stores and Halloween stores, or you can use face paint instead if you are going for a more quickly-designed costume.

Cortana Makeup Tutorial:


Cortana has the humanoid appearance of a beautiful young woman, but her body consists of plated electric wires, metal and glowing latex-like material, as if she’s wearing a bodysuit made of computer parts.

See above for a custom Cortana body suit, or if you can’t find one, you can improvise with a black and blue leotard.


Purchase a pair of light blue rubber boots and rubber gloves to finish off the bluish complexion of your Cortana costume, or use blue Halloween paint to cover your hands. Y

Cortana also has a round button-like jewel-shaped device on her chest, indigo in color. Purchase fake craft jewels from most retail websites and wholesale websites. Use glue or Velcro to hold it in place.

Some pre-made Cortana bodysuit costumes may already come with the button device attached to the front, in which case you can skip this step.