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Ken & Barbie Costume Guide

Whether you’re looking for the perfect couple’s costume or you want to dress to impress at your next cosplay convention, get ready to be both plastic and fantastic with a DIY Barbie and Ken costume from Toy Story 3!

With everything from Barbie’s eighties leg warmers to Ken’s retro-chic ascot, this guide will tell you all the supplies you’ll need to dress up as these two romantic and cheerful characters.

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Costume Ideas

Barbie Doll Costume Guide:

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Ken Doll Costume Guide:

DIY Ken Doll Toy Story 3 Costume Guide

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How to Dress Like Ken & Barbie from Toy Story 3


With his appearance in the film modeled after the 1988 real-life Mattel doll “Animal Lovin’ Ken”, Ken is a tall jock-like preppy plastic male doll with short brown hair in a classy but simple style on his head and a wide smile.

You can use a brown cosplay wig to recreate Ken’s hairstyle. Search for wigs at retail websites and Halloween stores. For a more lacquered, plastic look like Ken’s, add some hairspray to keep it in-place.

Ken also wears a bright blue ascot around his neck. You can buy ascots and neck scarves online at retail websites and wholesale websites. Ken prides himself on having a wide closet of amazing outfits, but the one he wears most commonly is his white buttoned-down t-shirt with blue leopard-spots printed on it, along with his pastel-blue knee-length shorts. You can find these clothing items online from retail websites and shopping malls.

Lastly, you’ll need his gray closed-toe sandals and his pastel-pink belt with a black buckle. Check retail websites, shoe stores and wholesale websites for these items. For an extra feature, add a spray-tan or tan yourself to get Ken’s trendy-looking tan, just like the character.


Modelled after Mattel’s real-life “Great Shape Barbie” from 1983, Toy Story 3’s Barbie came from the same era as Ken, so the two are practically made for each other!

Barbie has long ash-blonde hair with bangs over her forehead, tied back with a magenta hair scrunchie for an awesome eighties style. You can dye your own hair and style it this way, or you can use a blonde cosplay wig. Search retail websites and Halloween stores for wigs, and pull your hair back into the same 80’s ponytail as Barbie’s.

Add some hairspray to recreate the look of Barbie’s nylon doll hair.

Barbie wears light pink lipstick and black mascara, which you can buy at any retail website or drugstore.

Her outfit, which catches Ken’s attention immediately, consists of a sleeveless shiny turquoise spandex aerobics leotard, which you can buy online from retail websites or athletics shops.

To finish off your costume, add Barbie’s rainbow leg warmers, her pink high heeled sandals and her matching pink belt. You can purchase leg warmers and clothing belts online from retail websites and accessories shops. Check shoe stores and retail websites for the high heels.

About Ken & Barbie from Toy Story 3

In Toy Story 3, Barbie (a toy belonging to Andy’s little sister, Molly) winds up at a city daycare center with Woody, Buzz and the gang. Dazzled by her, fellow daycare resident Ken (a male doll from Barbie’s same Mattel franchise) falls in love with her and she moves right into his dream house. While Ken is aligned with the callous and corrupt teddy bear Lotso, eventually he renounces his bad ways and proves that he’s a good and kind toy by Defending Barbie and her friends.