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Mai Valentine Costume Guide

Mai Valentine DIY Cosplay Guide
How to Dress Like Mai Valentine for Cosplay and Halloween [Photo: wdlee00]

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, Mai Valentine, one of the most popular supporting characters, starts off as an aloof, standoffish woman who’s secretly very lonely and friendless. Upon meeting Yugi Muto and his three companions, at first she just wants to use them but soon finds that she has developed a strong respect and friendship for the gang and that she wants to be on their side. Mai might not be much of a “people person” but she’s a good person at heart and a loyal friend. If you’re an anime fan, a Mai Valentine costume is an excellent choice for any cosplay convention!

Read the guide below to make your own DIY Mai Valentine costume for cosplay or Halloween.

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How to Dress Like Mai Valentine from ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’


Mai’s hair could best be described as electrifying. In lightning bolt-shaped blonde strands and curls, it’s instantly recognizable as her signature look.
To nail down this style yourself, you can use hairspray and gel to shape your hair into the right look, or you can wear customized Mai Valentine style wig.

Mai Valentine Hair Wig Tutorial:

Eyes and Makeup:

Mai has bright purple eyes with angular lashes, and she also has pale pink lipstick. You can purchase black mascara and lipstick online from retail shops like Amazon. You can also use non-prescription colored contact lenses to get Mai’s purple eyes. Remember to read the safety precautions on the package before wearing!


Mai wears a sleek purple vinyl vest with a high collar and short sleeves, and along with this she is usually seen wearing a matching purple miniskirt or shorts. Under her vest, she wears a white cropped halter-top laced up with purple string.


To put he finishing touches on your costume, you’ll need a pair of white or purple vinyl fingerless gloves, some white or purple vinyl platform boots and last but not least some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to carry with you.

You can purchase fingerless gloves online from websites like Amazon, or you can sew your own using vinyl fabric. For the platform boots, search online websites or your local shoe store for a good pair.

When shopping for extra items like Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, you don’t have to go all out and buy a ton of them. Just four or five will work, or you can print out some replica cards from online using thick cardstock or photo paper. You can buy cards at most online websites and toy stores.

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