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Quicksilver Costume Guide

Quicksilver DIY Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween
How to Dress Like Quicksilver for Cosplay and Halloween [Photo: wdlee00]

In the X-Men movies, heroes and villains are known for their strange and special superhuman talents. Quicksilver is a gifted mutant known for his super-speed. Peter “Quicksilver” Maximoff has broken eight world records in track & field competitions and he’s well-known as a fun-loving guy who can be a bit overconfident at times. If you’re looking for an exciting costume for your next party or cosplay event, dressing up as Quicksilver is a standout choice!

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Quicksilver costume for cosplay or Halloween.

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Quicksilver Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Quicksilver from X-Men


Quicksilver has shaggy dark hair with a light silver tint to it. Slightly brushed off to one side, it’s one of his most memorable features.

To nail down Quicksilver’s awesome style for your costume, you can style your own hair with silver glitter hairspray, or you can use a dark silver wig. Browse online costume websites and Halloween stores to see what’s available, and use scissors to cut it down if needed.


Quicksilver wears different clothing in the movies, but he’s usually seen with his sleek dark silver jacket and simple black jeans. It may seem difficult to locate a silver jacket, but metallic and glitter jackets are trendy right now and lots of styles are up for sale online, mainly from retail websites and clothing shops. Usually made of leather or vinyl, they’re a simple but effective way to get Quicksilver’s look.

The pants are pretty straightforward; you can use any pair of black jeans you’d like, but make sure they have room for Quicksilver’s belt!


Quicksilver’s tactical belt is black in color, holding all kinds of cool metallic accessories. You can buy a tactical belt online from a costume website or army surplus store, or you can create your own by gluing or attaching silver-painted homemade accessories to it.

The rest of Quicksilver’s gear consists of retro aviator goggles, earpieces and of course, his pair of black running sneakers, because what speedy mutant would be complete without those?

You can find a pair of steampunk goggles or goth aviator goggles from many costume websites and clip on some black circular headphone earpieces to complete the headset style. Buy headphones, speakers and other audio accessories online.

Finally, lace up a good pair of black running shoes, which you can buy at most online retail websites and local shoe stores.

Get your friends to dress up as other characters from the X-Men movies and strike you upcoming event or party as a super-team!

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