Voldemort Costume Guide

Harry Potter Adult Voldemort Deluxe Costume

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Voldemort Costume Guide

Voldemort Costume: DIY Guide

Lord Voldemort, otherwise known as Tom Riddle, is a powerful, evil dark wizard and the one responsible for the murder of Harry Potter’s parents. He wishes to be rid of Harry once and for all, frustrated that even as a baby, Harry was able to defeat him with pure love. Voldemort has many cohorts on his side, including the Malfoy Family and Severus Snape, but is that enough to overpower Dumbledore’s Army?

For a costume that’ll definitely surprise your friends at your next convention or party, this one is a great choice for any Harry Potter fan!

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Voldemort costume for cosplay or Halloween.


Voldemort Costume Ideas

Voldemort Mask

The simplest and best way to become “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” is to first become You-Who-Must-Not-Be-Seen.

Harry Potter Adult Voldemort Deluxe Costume

Just be sure to check out some of our other Harry Potter accessories to customize your look! After all, you can't be Voldemort without a wand!

Harry Potter Classic Voldemort Wand

Now that it has fallen into your hands, maybe the wand will have a different fate. It might be used for good!

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Voldemort from ‘Harry Potter’

Bald Head & Complexion:

Voldemort is completely bald, sporting pallid skin with a deceased, corpse-like appearance. Sometimes he’s seen wearing a black hooded cloak which hides his features, but usually he’s just seen as his usual bald self.

To nail down this look for yourself, it’s really simple to do. All you need is one of two things – either a white rubber wig cap stretched over your natural hair to cover it up, or a large white balloon cut in half and stretched over your hair. Use white Halloween face makeup similar to the greasepaint used with clown costumes to cover any lines and give the rest of your face the same look. Use a light dusting of darker cosmetic makeup powder to give your skin Voldemort’s eerie complexion.

You can purchase costume makeup from retail websites like Amazon, or from local Halloween stores and costume shops. If you have very long natural hair, you may want to hold it back in a bun or crop it shorter to fit beneath the rubber cap of your costume.

Voldemort Makeup Tutorial:


Voldemort has narrow green eyes and almost no nose at all except for two small nostrils, giving him a snake-like, devilish appearance. He also has dark shadowy bags under his eyes, thin lips and a sleazy-looking, evil grin. This can be a difficult look to recreate, but the right video makeup tutorial can be a big help, and so can simple makeup supplies like white paint, dark eye shadow and thin eyeliner to give your eyes a more narrow style.

For an added touch of authenticity, purchase some emerald green non-prescription contact lenses for your eyes. Remember to read the warning precautions on the package first!

Outfit and Accessories:

Don’t worry, this is the easiest part of the costume to work with, because Voldemort just wears a simple ankle-length black cloak with long, baggy sleeves. You have a lot of options here – you can purchase a pre-made cloak online from any costume website, retail website or Halloween store, sew your own from black fabric or re-purpose a Grim Reaper costume for the same style of creepy black attire you’ll need.

For the accessories, you’ll need a wand. You can either purchase a replica wand online or from your nearest Halloween store, or make your own wand using outdoor gatherings like sticks and leaves and craft supplies such as tweed, glitter glue and foam.


About Voldemort


There have been too many mistakes where Harry Potter is concerned. Some of them have been my own. That Potter lives is due more to my errors than to his triumphs.

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Voldemort in Action

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