Aeon Flux Costume Guide

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Aeon Flux Costume Guide

Aeon Flux: DIY Cosplay Guide

On the 1990’s MTV animated series Aeon Flux, Aeon is an enigmatic assassin with long raven hair and love interest of Trevor Goodchild. Aeon is smart, fast and efficient, making her an intriguing and powerful character for cosplay. She’s also appeared in a live-action film and video games. If you are looking for sexy killer outfit or want to engage in some 90s nostalgia, an Aeon Flux costume is a great choice for your next Halloween party or convention.

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Aeon Flux costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Aeon Flux Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Aeon Flux


Aeon Flux has raven hair curled upwards slightly at the bottom to create an iconic and instantly recognizable look. To get this look, you can dye and style your natural hair or wear a black and purple wig. Use a combination of wire and hairspray to hold the hair in place.


Aeon wears black mascara and a light lilac purple lipstick. You can find these supplies from any online makeup shop or drugstore cosmetics counter. Check out makeup tutorials and photos of Aeon Flux from the cartoon or film so you can get the right look!


Aeon wears a leather long-sleeved dark purple or black top with gloves attached in the same color.

Using leather straps, the top connects to a purple leather thong, black belt and black side-holsters to hold her assassin weapons. You can also use black leather or spandex shorts instead if you prefer.

You can find similar items from retail websites, fashion accessory shops and costume websites, or you can purchase some leather fabric and sew your own costume by hand.


Aeon wears dark purple knee-high vinyl boots with sleek silver knee accents. You can purchase purple costume boots from most shoe stores and online retailers.
Add some silver accents similar to hers, or use robot costume leg accessories instead. You can customize them with silver acrylic paint for a shiny look.
To top off your costume, you’ll need a silver prop gun like the one used by Aeon Flux.

If you’d prefer to get crafty, you can use household materials and art supplies such as plastic, aluminum foil, paint and foam to make your own prop gun. Use photos and screenshots of Aeon’s gun for inspiration.

Get a friend to dress up as Aeon Flux’s love-struck nemesis, Trevor Goodchild, so you can hit the convention floor together!

About Aeon Flux


We’re meant to die – that’s what makes anything about us matter. Living like this is torture – we’re just ghosts…

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