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Beast Boy Costume Guide

Teen Titans was a huge hit. It showed us how kids can be superheroes as well. Beast Boy was someone that stood out for sure. The Beast Boy cosplay costume still is hot in this day and age.





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Beast Boy Costume:

Beast Boy costume Titans

The Beast Boy costume right here is one of a kind. It’s so close to the one we saw on the show. It’s as if Beast Boy gifted it to one of his ultimate fans.

Comic-con is perfect to style in this Beast boy cosplay suit. I’m pretty sure you’ll have all these other superheroes coming up. Plus it’d make everyone remember the good old days. Even if it’s for an instant. It’s also perfect for those theme days we have at times. People would love to be a kid once again.


Here we have the very Teen Titans costume. It features:

  • The purple color of the top that’s a signature of the character at this point.
  • The gloves that have this weird color to them making all kinds of colors come to complete the picture.
  • The black with those greyish blue belt marks in the middle that make the Beast Boy outfit complete.

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This brings you everything. Any Beast Boy fan wouldn’t be able to avert his/her eyes from the screen. Plus it’s cheap. It’s the all in one package you could ask for.


  • Copied really well.
  • Good price.
  • Comes with the green paint.


  • The size is a bit messed up.
  • The gloves are either two of the same hand or none at all.


If Teen Titans were your go-to show then this is it. This is the perfect time to make your dreams come true. We all wanted to become like him when we were kids. I mean his transformations were so cool and out of this world. I remember how people used to mimic those animal noises. Ah the nostalgia.

The Teen Titans cosplay costume is perfect for conventions. Even expos would love some of it. It’s the perfect way to bring up Teen Titans back in the picture. You’ll be reminding people of the entire show without doing anything. I think the cosplay party is a great fit for the Beast Boy suit as well. I mean you got the green paint and that’s every cosplay ever. So with this, You’ll be killing more than two birds with just one stone. It’s utility at it’s best.

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Beast Boy Costume for Kids:

Teen Titans Beast Boy Costume Kids

It’s time for the kids to shine. With those weird spin offs we’re getting I’m pretty sure kids know it.

Sure kids are just a fan of Robin provided his screen time but don’t count Beast Boy out. The guy has the most unique superpower out there. He’s like Ben 10 times 100. The Teen titans costume for kids is sure to be a hit. I’m pretty certain your kid would love it.

8Expert Score


It’s the perfect gift any kid can get. It transforms you into a superhero right away. No kid can resist that. Plus kids just love superheroes. It’ll make a perfect birthday gift.


  • Comes up with accessories.
  • Vibrant colors.


  • Not the best mask.


If your kid’s birthday is one the way then it’s all the better. Surprise him with the Kids Beast Boy costume. I’m pretty sure he won’t be able to sleep that night.

Plus cosplay party is a pretty good fit for the Teen titans outfit. Kids would get scared of the green face. But at the same time it’s a mask. So it’s not harmful in any way either. Get extra candy from the adults out there. I’m pretty sure a lot of people are Teen Titans fans.

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Beast Boy story:

Featuring one of the most unique superpower out there. Heis a character everyone knows about. Being able to transform into any beast he can think of. Now I want that power more than anything else.

Being a part of the Teen Titans he comes across a lot of troubles. But he puts his power to the best use making sure he comes out of it unscathed. His fighting style makes the most of what the feral beasts offer.

This shows us all new scenes and sequences at times that are a treat. Plus we know more and more about him as the show goes on. It’s just so delightful seeing the pieces coming to their perfect places.

Beast Boy cosplay:

Make sure you let a professional do the face paint. You might mess up or harm yourself in some way. Also try to wear the mask beforehand. It’ll make you do any adjustments is necessary.

Try to have a feel of the Beast Boy cosplay outfit. Last minute arrangements never turn out well. Try to find other members of the crew. It’ll make the perfect memory.

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