Princess Mononoke Costume Guide

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Princess Mononoke Costume Guide

Sometimes known by her birth name “San”, the enigmatic and cunning Princess Mononoke is something of a forest hermit. She lives in isolation with the powerful Wolf Gods who adopted her after she was dumped at their feet by her terrified human parents.

San hates humans and considers them destructive (even though she’s human herself), and she believes herself to be a wolf just like her adoptive mother and siblings, but meeting the human boy Ashitaka leads her to consider that humanity and nature can peacefully coexist if compromises are made.

If you are in an adventurous spirit and ready to unleash your wild side, this cosplay guide will teach you how to dress like the legendary anime character.

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Princess Mononoke Costume Ideas

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake Princess Arrow Bow Cosplay Weapon Prop

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Princess Principal Princess Cosplay Costume

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Princess Mononoke San


Princess Mononoke has short, fluffy sandy brown hair with bangs over her eyes, held back by a blue headband adorned with stones.

You can either dye your own hair to get this rugged look, or you can wear a sandy brown cosplay wig and cut it to suit the style of the character.


Princess Mononoke wears red warpaint on her face in sharp triangular patterns. You can use red Halloween face makeup to recreate this design.

Check out this makeup tutorial:

With her clothing made of wolves’ fur and natural gathered supplies, Princess Mononoke blends right in with her forest surroundings.

She wears a tattered indigo dress with a skirt down past her knees, a white apron-style tunic tied over this, and a cape made of wolves’ fur which has a red clay mask with horns attached. This cape converts into a protective hood of sorts when she’s in combat.

For the mask, you can purchase one online or use plastic, modeling clay or painted cardboard to make your own. Search retail websites for these extra craft supplies.

Here is a helpful tutorial to help you make your own Princess Mononoke mask:


To finish off your Princess Mononoke costume, you’ll need a pair of tan fabric moccasins to wear on your feet, as well as her jewellery and weapons.

For the jewelry, you’ll need her large oval-shaped earrings, as well as her two necklaces, one which features a small gemstone and the other which carries three small daggers.

Finally, you’ll need Princess Mononoke’s white and red striped knife, and the stone spear she carries with her. You can buy plastic spears and rustic knives online from party supply stores, retail websites and Halloween stores.

Use paint to customize them if you need to, or browse online to see if you can find any pre-made film-inspired cosplay weapons.

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