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Sailor Moon Sailor Cosplay Costume

Sailor Moon Costume Guide

In Sailor Moon, an average schoolgirl by the name of Usagi thinks there is absolutely nothing special about her – and boy, was she wrong! After a chance encounter with a cat named Luna, amazing things begin to happen to her, magical things including special powers that she never knew she had.

She discovers, much to her initial shock, that she’s Sailor Moon – a guardian meant to right wrongs and fight evil with the help of her friends, including the mysterious and enchanting man who often assists her under the alias “Tuxedo Mask”. Ordinary days in Usagi’s life end up full of adventure and glamor, and sometimes even some romance, too. With the combination of her spectacular powers and the love of her companions, no bad guy can defeat this beautiful heroine!

See our guide below to make your very own DIY Sailor Moon costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Sailor Moon Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Sailor Moon


As a schoolgirl, Usagi wears her hair tied back in very long plain pigtails, but as Sailor Moon, she wears metallic red hairpieces with a white border over each. If you don’t have blonde hair, a wig can be a simple but effective way to get Sailor Moon’s hair color nailed down without the mess or hassle of hair dye.

Sailor Moon’s pigtails also have a small curl at the tip of each one, giving her that extra style that helps keep her disguised. She has short bangs just over her eyes, which have a slight curl to them as well.


Sailor Moon wears a dress made of a white legless leotard with a blue-and-white striped collar, yellow shoulder pads and a short blue skirt, modeled after the longer-skirted uniform she wears to school every day. Like the rest of the Sailor Senshi who help her fight crime, Sailor Moon’s uniform has a color scheme uniquely hers of blue, white and red.

Her skirt is pleated, a common style for student uniforms in Japan, and on the back of it is a large red bow matching one on her collar. Lucky for her, although her regular school uniform is so similar to her Sailor Scout uniform, her classmates and family don’t suspect that she’s that enigmatic crime-fighting princess, saving the world from dangerous foes.

Boots and accessories:

To accent her outfit, Sailor Moon has knee-high red boots with a white stripe at the top. In the middle of each is a gold crescent moon, matching her gold earrings and transformation brooch, which hangs from a red choker around her neck.

She also wears a white cat’s eye mask on occasion. The literal crown jewel of her ensemble though is her gold tiara, worn under her bangs. In the center of it is a round, bright red moonstone, and when in the middle of fighting the forces of evil, she can toss it through the air, unleashing a tremendous amount of power. She might not have a utility belt like Batman, but her incredible abilities and kind heart are out of this world!

About Sailor Moon


I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice. In the name of the moon, I will right wrong and triumph over evil… and that means you!

Cosplay Examples

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