Sharkboy And Lavagirl Costume Guide

Lavagirl and Sharkboy 3D Lavagirl Cosplay Costume

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Sharkboy And Lavagirl Costume Guide

Bring your inner superhero to life at your next cosplay convention with this costume guide for Lavagirl, one of the imaginary friends of main character Max in the 2005 film The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl!

From her stunning waves of pink hair to her volcano-inspired hero suit, this DIY guide will give you everything you need to step into the shoes of this thrilling and adventurous character.

Are you looking to take a bite out of the competition at your next cosplay convention? Then splash into the awesome imaginary world of made-up superheroes with a Sharkboy DIY costume of your own!

Sharkboy is a fun and exciting character, and this guide will help you nail down everything you need to recreate his style and look, from his shark-inspired hero suit and pointed teeth to his spiky hair.

See our guide below to make your own Sharkboy and Lavagirl costumes for cosplay or Halloween.

Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Sharkboy


Sharkboy has short, dark brown hair gelled into small spikes on his head. Recreate this style for your own hair using liquid hair gel, or use a dark brown cosplay wig with formed spikes to get a similar look.

You can buy cosplay wigs at retail websites and costume shops. For the hair gel, check retail websites and drugstores to find the right type for your costume.

Pointy Teeth:

Sharkboy could easily rival Jaws with his own set of pointy shark teeth! To get a similar set of teeth as this superhero’s, you’ll need some fake costume teeth. Any pointed Halloween monster teeth will work.


Sharkboy wears a gray bodysuit with shark-inspired designs. This includes silver body armor on his chest and wrists with red-accented gloves. The armor on his chest features the shape of a shark’s open mouth with pointy teeth.

You can purchase gray bodysuits online from retail websites and at shopping malls, or you can search for a pre-made Sharkboy costume suit instead.


Add the finishing touches to your Sharkboy costume with a pair of gray boots, which you can buy at any retail website or shoe store. For a more authentic character look, search online for Sharkboy costume boots, since his are very unique and each have a single gray shark fin sticking out the back. You can also cut out two matching pieces of gray craft foam to glue to a pair of boots to create your own pair.

Lastly, you’ll need Sharkboy’s gray belt, which has a matching gray circular emblem on the front. You can purchase belts online from retail websites, wholesales websites and accessories shops.


For the perfect addition to your costume, get a friend to dress up as Sharkboy’s fierce and powerful co-hero, Lavagirl, so you can both bring the world of imagination to life for real the next time you go cosplaying or trick-or-treating!

How to Dress Like Lavagirl


Lavagirl has fluorescent bright pink hair down to her shoulders in a somewhat wavy style. One of her most defining powers in the film features her hair lighting up neon pink when she uses her extraordinary abilities.

Use a pink cosplay wig to add this feature to your costume, or dye your own hair pink. You can buy cosplay wigs at retail websites and costume shops. Use a wide hairbrush and hair spray to create Lavagirl’s messy waves.


Lavagirl wears a light pink superhero spandex bodysuit with dark pink accents and bright, glowing orange stripes of lava weaving down it. You can find pink leotards and bodysuits online from retail websites, or you can search for a pre-made Lavagirl costume suit instead. Her bodysuit is long-sleeved, with a low collar at her neck.


Lavagirl wears a pair of dark pink boots with glowing orange lava streaming down around them, as well as wrist cuffs matching this style. She also has a circular belt-like accent at the waist of her suit, pink and orange in color.

You can search for these supplies from costume shops and Halloween stores, or you can use craft supplies such as felt and cardboard to make your own. Search shoe stores and retail websites for pink calf-high boots.

You can use fluorescent orange paint to customize a plain pair of pink boots for the flowing lava look, or you can search online to see if you can find a pre-designed pair of Lavagirl costume boots instead.

Lava Hands:

When using her powers, Lavagirl’s hands come alight with golden yellow fire, one of the most unforgettable 3D moments taking place in the film. You can use LED party finger-lights to create a similar look, or you can use UV glow paint or yellow Halloween makeup for this additional feature.


Get a friend to dress up as Lavagirl’s imaginary co-hero, Sharkboy, so you’ll have the whole gang together at your next upcoming convention or Halloween party!

About Sharkboy and Lavagirl

Whether you’re a fan of the early 2000’s 3D film fad or you love unique heroes and bold costumes, this is a cosplay choice that’s both powerful and simple to put together.

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