Steve Urkel Costume Guide

Steve urkel costume

Steve urkel costume

Steve Urkel Costume Guide

Steve Urkel Costume: DIY Guide

An icon of the 1980’s sitcom world, Steve Urkel quickly became a main character on the TV show Family Matters with his adorable personality, unique style and big geeky glasses. Oftentimes he appears simply as a gag character, but other times he has memorable moments of emotion and kindness. Today, he’s seen as a pioneer of the nerd culture movement, proving that geeky people can be just as cool as anybody else. Not only is a Steve Urkel costume the perfect way to celebrate 90s nostalgia, it’s also a simple but noticeable look at any cosplay event and a great way to stand out!

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Steve Urkel costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Steve Urkel Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Steve Urkel from ‘Family Matters’


Urkel has close-shaved curly black hair and always keeps it looking its best. You can shave your own hair and use curling mousse to get a similar look, or you can wear a wig. look for a simple short one at any Halloween store or online costume shop.


Get ready to geek out! Urkel wears huge retro bifocal frames held to his head with string. In most photos of him from back in the day, his glasses are made of clear resin, red at the top slowly changing to clear at the bottom.

You can use your own prescription glasses if you already wear a pair, or you can purchase thick plastic nerd glasses from most party stores. Tie black yarn to the arms of the glasses in a style similar to Urkel’s, and use old photos of him for inspiration.


Usually wearing multi-colored cardigans or striped t-shirts, denim flood-pants and quirky rainbow suspenders, Urkel’s unique and never afraid to show it! This is great news if you want a costume that will really get attention.

You can buy similar pants and shirts to Urkel’s from most retail websites. To create Urkel’s flood-pants style, you can take a pair of jeans that fit you and use safety pins at the ankle cuffs to shorten their length a bit, recreating the look of too-small pants.

For the suspenders, check party stores and accessory shops for similar wacky rainbow suspenders just like Urkel’s.


Urkel is well known for being smart and funny. Carry around a nerdy book with you, for example a trivia book or a large dictionary, to give your costume that extra spark of authenticity and look even more like a well-read super nerd.

Finally, practice spouting off some of Urkel’s off-the-cuff catchphrases and quotes from Family Matters so you’ll seem just like him at your upcoming event.

Get your friends and family to dress up as other famous characters from other classic shows like Full House and Night Court to generate a strong nostalgia buzz at your party or convention, or have them dress up as other supporting characters from Family Matters!

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