Attack on Titan Gifts

Attack on Titan Gifts

Attack on Titan gifts are a perfect way to celebrate an anime lover’s ceremony – birthdays, anniversaries, or achievements among other celebrations.

Or you can gift us just because you love us (and we love you to the titan and back. Wink wink). If you have been with us as we watch this popular anime series, you have heard us exclaim in utter amazement of the series’ well-thought-out costumes, accessories and props. This makes Attack on Titan a great anime series to get gift ideas for anime lovers. 

7 Attack On Titan Gift Ideas for Anime Fans


Attack on the Titan Eren’s Key of the Basement Necklace(Timeless Ice)

itan Eren’s Key of the Basement necklace is not just an accessory for us anime fans, but a spiritual gift. Eren Yeager’s father, Grisha Jaeger, entrusted him with the key to their old home’s basement where he would find answers to questions that troubled him. The answers he finds expand his Universe and propel him in his quest to know all about Titans. 

The Eren Titan’s Basement Key Necklace brings anime lovers closer to The Universe by assuring us that we shall find answers to any questions that we might have on our journey – best spiritual gifts these ones.   Necklaces and other anime accessory gifts are sentimental gifts that we shall hold (read hang) close to our hearts.


Levi Ackerman attack on Titan Shirt (Excellent Gift for “Clean-Freaks)

Wearing a titan shirt is our bold expression of our love for anime. Captain Levi Ackerman is obsessed with cleanliness and cannot withstand dirt in his environment (He will stop halfway in battle to clean his sword’s blade, lol). Despite his obsession with cleanliness, Ackerman Levi is one of the brave heroes in the anime series that your loved can emulate. 

Levi Ackerman attack on Titan Anime shirt is made from 100% cotton, and has the official Attack logo printed beside the hero’s image. The anime lover shirt comes in a range of sizes and you could still find sizes suitable for an anime kid t-shirt.


Titan Wings of Freedom 3D Print Long Sleeves Anime Sweatshirt (Gift them Freedom)

The Wings of Freedom symbolize the Titan Scouting Legion sent to find Titans outside the wall’s confines. An anime lover will appreciate this sweatshirt especially because it we are made of free spirits. Sweatshirts are also trendy, are easy to wear with other items available in our closets and are great to wear in any weather. 

Choose an anime sweatshirt that matches the recipient’s colors and design preferences. You will decide whether to buy a hooded sweatshirt or one without a hood depending on how you feel your loved ones like to wear them. The sweatshirt is made from quality material ( 80% polyester, 20% spandex) which makes it warm and comfortable. 


Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman Action Figure (The Ultimate Anime Action Figure)

Mikasa Ackerman is a member of the Titan Survey Corps ( a military branch that many anime critiques hail for bringing hope to humanity). Mikasa is a sensitive anime character who loves and protects her friends, and will go to any length to get justice for any wrong committed against her friends and military family members. 

MikasaTitan Character PVC Figurine standing on a base with an official Titan  logo depicts Mikasa in battle. The 7 inch Titan action figure is an ideal anime gift for kids and adults alike, esp. This action figure is great as a decorative item for your loved one’s rooms, and a quality Anime Funko pop. 


Eren Yeager Attack On Titan Sticker

An Eren sticker is a great ‘just because’ gift that your loved ones will find interesting and functional at the same time. Anime stickers are useful reminders of our anime favorite characters and we put them on just about anything – from making our fridge doors look awesome, to making our lunch boxes to stand out. 

Eren stickers come with unique well-thought-out designs, vivid images and colors, are waterproof and are easy to apply. You can also order customized Eren stickers that resonate with your loved ones tastes. 


Attack on Titan Shingeki No Kyojin Armin Arlert Golden Cosplay Wig (For a Curious Cosplay!)

Armin is Eren and Mikasa’s mate in the Survey Corps and he does everything to protect humans from the Titans. Although his lack of physical strength initially caused him to suffer  low self esteem throughout his childhood and partly after his military training, he ends up building a strong mental muscle that helps the military outfit win many battles. 

An Armin Attack cosplay is a perfect embodiment of the character’s love for humanity, curiosity and determination. Our favorite attack cosplay wigs, we bring our Armin Arlert character come to life, making our cosplay all the more realistic. 


Anime Attack on Titan Poster on Canvas(Worthy of Grabbing)

Titan  Titan on the wall; who is the anime of them all? This attack on the titan poster on the bedroom wall of an anime lover transforms boredom into fun. While we watch our popular anime series attack on titan, we want the soul of our walls displayed with our anime characters.

The Anime Attack on Titan Poster helps us to choose a color palette for the rest of our space.  

Our Attack on Titan Anime Gifts Guide is All Yours

The list of Titan Merch to gift your anime loving friends and family can go on and on. You, however, will choose Titan Gifts that will not only excite your loved ones but are also functional for their purpose. It would also help to choose gifts that match the occasion  (an anime birthday gift would be different from a marriage anniversary, right?)

We cant wait to unwrap our gifts and be wowed!

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