Avatar the Last Airbender Gifts

Avatar the Last Airbender Gifts

Avatar the Last Airbender Gifts

Shopping for an Airbender fan is fun, especially when you understand their favorite characters in the beloved TV series. Avatar: The Last Airbender Anime is a  popular anime of all time with many gift ideas your loved ones will love.So,  you ready to go gift shopping? Let’s Go-Go!

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8 Avatar the Last Airbender Gift Ideas for Anime Lovers

There are a million Airbender ways to express love for our loved ones (A million? okay, many ways, Lol). The popular anime series has well-thought-out costumes and creative props. You are spoiled for choices of what to buy. 
Check out the various ideas in this gift guide.


The Last Airbender Element Symbols Bracelet (The Gift for a Master!)

Bender bracelets should mean a lot to the person wearing them, right? This beloved series presents four elements one masters on their journey – fire, water, earth, and air. One is considered a master when one can master all four elements. 

The Last Airbender Bracelet gift is a great way to raise the recipient’s self-worth by making them feel like masters of the universe. The bracelet is made of an alloy pendant, a strong rope chain, and has special Airbender decorations that make it trendy.


Avatar: The Last Airbender Coloring Book (Perfect Gift for the Artistic Child)

Children are curious beings, and they like recreating their favorite Airbender scenes. A good Airbender coloring book is a great way to help the young ones nurture their talents and quench their thirst for creativity. 

This awesome coloring book has 45 detailed black and white Airbender characters that your child will enjoy bringing to life with colors. The images are created by the original creators of the series, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. 

Let art thrive in your child’s universe!


Uncle Iroh Airbender Necklace (The Ultimate Spiritual Gift Yo!)

Uncle Iroh is an Air bender character who speaks wisdom. He has a spiritual aura and has a ton of personal favorite quotes that your loved ones will benefit from. Anime fans worldwide swear by Uncle Iroh’s words, and most an air bender fan will relish having this anime fan necklace. 

Uncle Iroh Airbender Necklace is handmade using high-quality materials (zinc alloy). You can choose from the various avatar quotes that would inspire the recipient and make them feel alive in the avatar universe. The necklace is not always in stock – order well in advance to allow time to make and ship the gift. 

This could be one of the recipient’s favorite spiritual gifts, so make it a perfect gift!


Avatar: The Last Airbender Hoodie (Super Comfy)

Hoodies are awesome. They are warm hugs in cold weather and are a trendy companion when the temperatures rise. They are trendy and snazzy and are easy to wear, with most clothes and accessories readily available in the recipient’s wardrobe. 

The Last Airbender Hoodie is soft on the inside (which makes it super comfortable) and is made from high-quality material (80% cotton, 20% Poly). It has well-designed Airbender art images of team avatar characters printed on the fabric. You will choose from the many colors the hoodie presents depending on the gift recipient’s hoodie preference. 


The Last Airbender Aang – Stainless Steel Water Bottle (The Cool Gift For All Weather)

Stainless steel water bottles last a long time, are easy to clean (they rarely retain the taste of the previous drink they carry), and are a great reminder to hydrate. Besides their functionality, water bottles have evolved to become fashion statements and a symbol of environmental consciousness. 

Aang Water Bottle is a professional sports quality pitcher with a capacity to hold approximately 27 ounces of your favorite refreshment. The bottle is blue with The Last Airbender’s Aang image printed on the surface.


The Last Airbender: Aang Deluxe Action Figure (Their Playtime Gets Better!)

The Last Airbender Action figures are great fun gifts, especially if you are looking for baby gifts. The series attracts an audience of children from a young age to their teens and even beyond. Airbender Anime lovers like to keep action figures of their favorite characters in their room to make it look fantastic and protect them as they sleep (think of a child sleeping under the watch of Aang silhouette). 

Aang Deluxe Action Figure has removable parts, allowing children to to disassemble and assemble the anime action figure back together (helps them become creative, no?) It is 7 inches long and comes in a series of three other Airbender characters that you can purchase together with Aang’s. 


Avatar The Last Airbender Poster (And Let the Walls Smile!)

The Last Airbender has many poster gift ideas that will bring color to your loved ones’ walls. Avatar stickers and other wall art are a great way to make the recipient identify with and love their spaces better – think about a child’s room whose walls are covered with their favorite heroes. 

The 21’*21′ Airbender poster is printed on quality paper, and has most of the major AIrbender characters. The poster is unframed and you might want to buy wall hanging frames or just glue it on the wall. 

Bring Team Avatar to Your Loved One’s Space!


Avatar: The Last Airbender Appa Momo and Aang In Flight T-Shirt (The Last Airbender Shirt, Lol)

Anime t-shirts with images of characters in motion make anime lovers become part of the scene depicted. Aang views Appa not just as a sky bison, but also a companion in his journey and a means of transportation – he is his Bison bestie. The Last Airbender Appa Momo and  Aang In Flight T-Shirt is a perfect illustration of their relationship. 

The Avatar shirt is made of quality fabric and comes in many sizes and colors to help you easily choose the perfect gift for your loved ones. Choose an Airbender t-shirt with colors and style that the gift recipient can easily wear with other items already in their closet. 

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Shopping For Airbender Gifts Is Fun (And Easy?)

Avatar: The Last Airbender has a variety of gift ideas for anime lovers. It would help to shop when your favorite anime gift seller is offering a discount to get awesome anime gift deals .

You would also want to buy from a seller who delivers the gift in a presentable packaging ( Gifts should create a good first impression, right?)  Finally, if you get stuck with what to get, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask for suggestions from your loved ones ( this should be the very last resort – keeping it a surprise makes the gift all the more interesting). 

Happy Gifting!

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