Demon Slayer Gift Ideas You’ll Love

We, Demon Slayer Fans love a good day : sitting in our favorite chair, sipping our favorite beverage and just marveling at our collection of Demon Slayer collectibles.

Our love for this anime and manga series takes us away into ourselves, and reminds us of the power we posses.
See, Demon Slayer gifts pull us closer to becoming one with our favorite characters, complete with the swords and powers (If you know, you know. Wink.)
Confession first : Demon slayer gifts get us all excited and we can’t help but love you more for the thoughtful gesture ( Be prepared for a hugs explosion, unending high-fives, and a million favor promises from us).
But you are not scared of such intensity, are you?
No? I knew it!

So Let’s Go-Go!


10 Popular Demon Slayer Gift Ideas for Anime Lovers

Demon Slayer gifts bring the anime to life – think about your loved one donning Yaiba costume, or visiting their homes to find it decorated with a great Yaiba pop collection, or  any other piece from the wide collection of Demon Slayer costumes, props and merchandise. 

Ready to start shopping? Lets Go-go!


Kimetsu no Yaiba Anime Sweatshirt (This is An All-Year-Round Gift)

Kimetsu no Yaiba Anime Sweatshirts are perfect demon slayer gifts for two reasons : they are trendy and functional. Sweatshirts can either be hooded or plain, but whatever style you choose, ensure that they are made using a strong fabric, and they are tailored with comfort in mind.  

These Anime fans sweatshirts come in various colors and designs. As such it would help to consider recipients’ favorite colors ( I’d go with ones that represent Tanjiro Kamado’s identity colors) their design preference and outfits they can wear with the the sweatshirt.

Buy a Demon Slayer sweatshirt when your favorite anime store is offering discounts if you plan to get it at a reasonable price.  


Anime Demon Slayer Printed Backpack (Pretty, Functional, Trendy)

There is so much to do with an anime themed backpack – school, office, hiking trails, fun weekend getaways and more ( I once went to a wedding carrying work clothes in a backpack – forgive me, Jose and Marie ). 

Overtime though, backpacks have graduated from just being functional items, to become carefully selected fashion statements. For us, Demon Slayer fanatics, our ideal backpack comes with great anime images our favorite characters designed on the bags.
So go ahead, gift us the convenience of an awesome backpack! 


Kimetsu No Yaiba Anime Characters T-Shirt (Pure Happiness in a T-shirt)

Nothing beats the joy of opening the closet to find awesome demon slayer shirts staring back at you, begging you to dive into the hugging comfort they provide. Anime characters tshirts are easy to wear, especially because they go with so many outfits – from a yaiba logo cap, to Yaiba costume pants, to custom Demon slayer shoes among others. 

Buy anime slayer pattern t-shirts from a trusted slayer shop, and ensure to get the recipient’s size correctly, their T-shirt design preference, and their favorite colors and characters.

Anime art kids t-shirt are also available in case you are gifting a young Demon Slayer fan.


Uzui Tengen Demon Slayer Teen Fleece Blankets (Lightweight, Warm, Comfy)

Blankets are a great companion especially when we are watching our favorite anime series. Demon Slayer has the finest collection of blankets your loved ones will enjoy having – think about the unique design of anime font, demon slayer characters and other symbols that make the blankets all the more interesting. 

Consider the recipients favorite Demon Slayer characters, their home décor, the season ( or reason for gifting them), and the Japanese pattern they will enjoy having (the Kimono pattern, Japanese Anime alphabets, among others). You could also have Demon Slayer fleece blankets custom made with other characters like Tanjiro Kamado and Kyojuro Regoku, among others. 


Nezuko Demon Slayer Poster (Happy Walls, Happy Souls, Right? )

We love how demon slayer posters and other anime art help our walls come alive. See, art is an anime lover’s favorite method of self expression, and which better way than having Demon Slayer characters staring back at us from our walls –  calming our nerves, encouraging us and living our lives with us.   

If you have a demon slayer fanatic with an upcoming celebration – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, name them –  a Nezuko Kamado Demon Slayer Poster will be an appropriate gift, especially for girls. Think about their wall colors, the amount of space they have, their already existing décor, and their general style preferences when choosing an appropriate wall art gift. 


Demon Slayer Fashion Canvas Sneakers Shoes (Oh Swish!)

We love shoes. Like our love for shoes is extreme (wait, does the word love even suffice to describe our relationship with shoes?) Having well-fitting, stylish shoes that go with our outfit should be included in the 1000 ways to happy living, no kidding. 

And don’t listen to those superstitious party poopers who claim that gifting someone shoes is bad omen – shoes are THE GIFT. Choose Demon Slayer shoes that are trendy, fit well, and match our design preferences. Also, check out the store’s return policy before purchasing in case the shoes do not fit. 


Kimetsu no Yaiba Anime PU Prop Cosplay Belt (With Knife Cover)

Demon slayers should have a cool place to hang their knives, for who is a demon slayer without their knives? The Kimetsu no Yaiba Anime PU Prop Cosplay Belt is ideal for teenagers going to cosplay events for Anime and Manga lovers. 

Take the recipients waist size, and add two inches when thinking about the belt size, and choose a color that they would love and matches with a number of their outfits. Buy the Demon Slayer together with a relevant anime watch or other accessories that will go well with other cosplay costumes. 


Demon Slayer Anime Keychain Pendant Set ( The Perfect Just Because Gift)

I lost count of the number of times I have lost my keys ( One day I will write a story with the title, “How I Lose my Keys.” Its a horror story that will haunt your daily existence (and its not funny).

But I digress.

Losing house, car, or office keys is quite frustrating, and if you are like me, you keep postponing buying a keychain. And then you lose them again, and promise to buy a keychain and then you don’t and then the cycle continues. See why a keychain is an excellent gift idea?

Demon Slayer Anime Keychain Pendant Set comes with seven pieces of fancy, functional keychains that your loved one will love holding. Additionally, they come in multiple characters like Yaiba Tanjiro, and Yaiba Shinobu, among other favorite Demon Slayer Characters. 


Demon Slayer Phone Case for iPhone (No More “OOPS My Screen!”)

Oh the pain of a shattered screen! See, most Demon slayers are extremely fond of their phones. When our phones fall, we want the cushion a good cover provides. Also, have you seen how cool Demon Slayer Phone cases are? Gifting us this anime iphone case will save us a lifetime of charges in phone screen replacements. 

The Demon Slayer Phone case is made using quality materials, and the anime art is well designed. The case is well designed to perfectly fit the phone so to protect the edges and screen. Choose from the many Demon Slayer characters and colors the Demon Slayer Phone Case for iPhone offers. 


Tanjiro Kamando Training Fox Mask Coffee Mug- (The Coffee Mug With a Charm)

Demon Slayer Anime Fans love Tanjiro’s training fox mask. Tanjiro meets Sabito while training in the mountain and he ends up becoming his mentor. Demons slayer fans believe that the mask protects them from bad luck during battle. 

Gifting your loved one Tanjiro Kamando Training Fox Mask Coffee Mug is a statement of good luck, and it shows that you want them to succeed in whatever they put their minds to achieve. The 11 Ounce coffee mug is made using quality enamel, and is great for all beverages. Your loved one can also convert this mug into a pencil holder in case they love creating their own anime characters and series.    

Its The Thought That Counts

There is no big or small gift for us Demon Slayer fans. Sometimes the small things that you’d think are insignificant mean a lot to us. So could we get gifting already?

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