Lord Of The Rings Gifts

Lord Of The Rings Gifts

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 The young hobbit initially has no idea of the power of a ring he inherited

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Lord Of The Rings Gifts

The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy follows the life of Frodo, who is in possession of The One Ring which has the ability to destroy the world. The young hobbit initially has no idea of the power of a ring he inherited, until later when he learns that he holds a ring with the power to control the whole planet. He takes on a dangerous, adventure-filled journey to have the ring destroyed.

The film Trilogy had awesome costume, decor, and props that offer amazing gift ideas for LOTR fans.


Lord of the Rings Gift Ideas for Fantasy Fans ( From a Die Hard LOTR fan)

Lord of the Rings books and it’s film adaptations is an adventure filled fantasy that comes with amazing gift ideas. LOTR Gifts range from functional tools, to unforgettable toys and rare Lord of the Rings collectible items, among others.

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Lord of The Rings/Hobbit - Aragorn Collectible Figure (Perfect LOTR Funko Pop!)

Funko figures are popular children’s toys that make their play time fun as they enact their favorite scenes from the amazing movie trilogy. Detailed figurines are also great LOTR fan gifts for adults who love anime and movie series collectibles.

These 3.75 inches Lord of the Rings Funko Pop figurines are made using quality vinyl material, and come with a durable window display box.


LOTR Middle Earth Map Blanket (Warm, Comfy, Durable)

his Hobbit gift will warm your loved one’s nights – both as a living room blanket and as a bedding decor. It is made using quality flannel polyester that is breathable, long lasting, and comfortable for various seasons, any time of the day.

LOTR Middle Earth Map Blanket comes in three different sizes (50×40, 60×50 and 80×60 inches depending on your preference). It’s detailed middle earth map printed on the surface will liven the gift recipient’s space while displaying their love for this iconic trilogy.


One Ring With Tree Of Gondor Beer Mug (Perfect Personal Gift for Him)

This Hobbit mug a perfect gift for LOTR fans who love a pint of beer after a delicious meal. Your friends and family will enjoy the wooden beer tankard’s handmade oakwood exterior and the stainless steel mug interior. It’s structured to keep the beer colder for longer, and has a comfortable handle for ease of use.

One Ring With Tree Of Gondor Beer Mug has a 17 Oz capacity to allow for generous beer serving. It is an amazing LOTR gift that combines traditional and modern technology to ensure it lasts a long time.


Lord of The Rings rings pack by King Ring (The One Ring Set LOTR Fans Will Adore)

Few gifts will communicate affection better than a well-thought-out pack of rings. The quote, ” One Ring Conquers them all” is inscribed into each of the rings, which makes them a powerful gift.

Lord of The Rings rings pack by King Ring are carefully created with durable stainless steel safe from oxidation or harmful materials that may cause allergies on the user’s skin. They come in various sizes and it would help to know the recipient’s finger sizes when shopping for the ideal ring gift.


Gandalf - The Hobbit All-Over Front Print Sports Fabric T-Shirt (Classic Fit)

T-shirts are perfect gifts – functional, cool and trendy. They are not just additional clothing in your loved one’s closet, but clothes they can comfortably wear as a bold statement of their affiliation to this iconic trilogy.

This LOTR gift tee is perfect for fans who love working out, especially because it is made from 100% polyester fabric that easily absorbs sweat, and is machine washable. It also has a well designed image of Gandalf on the from surface, which makes this Hobbit shirt a clear statement of the wearer’s love for this amazing character.

Consider your loved one’s size (fitting or loose), their favorite color ( this Gandalf shirt is only available in white), and their preferred neck style ( comes in boat neck only). You could, however, have a custom made tee with your loved ones favorite character – from a legolas Shirt to Souron, among other hobbit shirts.


Welcome to The Hobbit Hole The Lord of The Ring Door Mats (Perfect House Warming Gift)

A doormat is an amazing gift, especially if you are looking for a cool house warming gift. Many people often ignore shopping for doormats and they end up losing the many benefits a good doormat offer their homes. They would, therefore, appreciate this affordable gift that will communicate their love for this amazing movie trilogy.

The 30′ x 18 Welcome to The Hobbit Hole The Lord of The Ring Door Mats are made using quality non-slip rubber that makes them ideal for various floors (including wooden floors). Their funny quotes make them perfect novelty gifts, since they lighten up an otherwise dull doorway.


The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game for Adult and Teens (Awesome Adrenaline Rush)

Card games are a perfect LOTR fan gift. They make your loved one’s game nights come alive with players challenging each other to an adrenaline filled evening.

This Lord of the Rings card game allows 1-4 players to protect players and artifacts from the middle earth who face destructive enemies. The players lay down strategies to form alliance with other heroes, earn more artifacts from this iconic film series, and conquer more middle Earth’s enemies to win the game. It’s an adventure filled affair that your loved ones will enjoy being a part of. A single game lasts an average of 30-90 minutes depending on the players’ prowess.


Womens Furry Monster Adventure Slippers (Now, Aren't These Cool?)

hese Hobbit house adventure slippers are perfect gifts for women. You will enjoy gifting them these hobbit feet slippers for their functionality – perfect LOTR cosplay costumes, warm hairy feet during cold winter nights. They are made using quality material that makes furry feet of your loved female gift recipients.

Womens Furry Monster Adventure Slippers make give your loved ones hairier feet while making them feel the comfort of the soft, breathable interior material of this LOTR fan gift. They are also perfect housewarming gifts that your loved ones will love.


Lord of the Rings Wall Decal (Perfect Hobbit Decorations)

Hobbit wall art makes amazing hobbit holes. Your loved ones will enjoy using these unique stickers to make beautiful wall art for their spaces. They are also great for nursery decorations and you can use them to create interesting experimental art designs for yourself or loved ones.

Lord of the Rings Wall Decal pieces are made from quality vinyl material, are easy to apply and remove and do not leave residue after removing them. Your loved ones’ hobbit holes will never be the same again after these hobbit wall art decals.

LOTR Fan Gifts are Fun to Shop:

See, it’s easy to shop for Lord of the Rings gifts especially because the movie trilogy has so much to offer fans of all ages and gender.Apparel gifts can be a little bit complicated if you don’t know the recipient’s right size, color preference and fashion sense. It would, therefore, help to do proper research before making an order, or ensure the gift seller’s return policy are favorable in case they plan on exchanging the gift with something else, or they do not fit.

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