Top 15 One Piece Gifts For Fans

Straw Hat flag

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One Piece, one of the longest-running series. Being more than two decades old, it’s still going strong. We need to give a treat to the fans. With One Piece gifts for fans, let’s make everyone’s day.

1. Straw Hat flag:

The same old nostalgic flag. We’ve been seeing it for so long now. It makes us remember those good old days. Those days when we used to wait for the episode to air. I mean we still do but you get my point. The skull and crossbones have had so many adventures.

Still on the voyage to uncover the secrets of the most valuable treasure. That flag design is an integral part of his ship. Always has been. That makes it a perfect anime gift for otakus. Fans would love to have it. It’ll give them that dose of nostalgia. Make them picture themselves as a kid once again. It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone out there. Better grab it quick.

2. Luffy straw hat:


Another one of the ogs. The straw-hat kid’s come a long way. Having fought so many big guys along the way. He’s shown us a hell of an adventure and still isn’t out of gas.
Admirable to say the very least. Plus, the hat is still the same. Such an important part of the character. You know he holds it close to his heart. Initially belonging to Shanks, the hat’s been here for a while. Long enough to wither and make the straws fall all over the place.

But still, it’s there and is able to withstand all that haki. Amazing. One of the best gifts for One Piece Fans out there. One Piece has so many fans all over the world after all. Make the straw hat give birth to a new Luffy here on Earth.

3. Thousand Model Sunny Ship:

Thousand Sunny

This ship marked the beginning of a new adventure. With new people joining the crew, it was just ‘bravo’. Seeing all these new faces on the ship making all kinds of things happen.

One thing that’s great about the Thousand Sunny is its design. It keeps all that was previously there in the old Merry. Stays true to its roots and brings something new. Fans just couldn’t ask for anything more. This Thousand Model Sunny Ship is perfect to put up on that shelf.

If you have someone’s birthday coming up, this is just the thing. One of the best One Piece gifts for anyone out there. It’s like you have the crew resting in your house 24/7. We wouldn’t demand any rent from them now, would we?


4. Luffy costume:

One of the cosplay ideas that never get old. He and Goku have been on the top since forever at this point. Any cosplayer would love to have a new Luffy cosplay costume. I mean the old one is just so worn out. Everyone needs a new one, no? The time skip version, or the old version. Take your pick depending on your taste.

It’s got that same Luffy look that we love. It’s perfect for any convention or expo. Would make anyone feel like they’re the character in an instant. That’s the best thing about this Luffy outfit. It is indeed one of the perfect gifts for One Piece fans. Everyone loves Monkey D Luffy. Everyone would want to be like him. Make a lot of dreams come true.

5. Luffy wanted poster:

We all want the rebellious kid on our wall, no? Him being there just waving at us. Everything’s fine and all until you see that bounty. One of the highest bounties in One Piece. The navy sure is going to have a tough time capturing him. I don’t think they’ll ever be able to though. Having his bounty increased over and over again. He never fails to put himself as a bigger threat and danger.

The people love to yell ‘Mugiwara’ at his face. That sure makes it look like he’s got a lot of fans. This Luffy bounty poster will be the best birthday gift for any otaku out there. Making him be there on the wall would scare a lot of people. All the better if you have a dangerous neighborhood.

6. Monkey D. Luffy 3-piece gift set:

A 3 in 1 no one would be able to resist. Take the fandom to the very next level with this. Make sure you get this since it’s the best thing ever for a fan.

The mug is perfect for that morning cup of coffee. Makes you remember One Piece in an instant. What better way to start the day than to remember the straw kid?

Plus, the keychain that rests in your pocket all the time. It makes you feel like you have a very character taking a nap. That goes really well with any Luffy wallpaper you have.

The dream combo comes to life in an instant. The perfect birthday gift for any One-Piece fan out there. A bunch of One-Piece goodies no one would want to miss out on. Make One Piece be all over the place.

7. Trafalgar Law Hoodie:

The surgeon of death is in the house. Take the iconic ‘Room! Shambles!’ to the very next level. Law has always been a fan favorite. I’ve seen so many people talk about the character. Just never stop when it comes to the word law.

One Piece sure does a good job with characters. We have all kinds of fans having all the love for all these faces. It makes us feel like everyone is relevant.

That’s one of the very best things about it. It’ll be perfect for cosplay. Get a panda there with you as well. We want the whole Heart Pirates crew. It’ll be the best thing ever for any One-Piece fan out there. Make the warlord travel back in time real quick with this anime hoodie.

8. One Piece pocket watch:

Ever since we saw Edward carry one of these, we wanted it. Getting a One Piece one would literally be a dream come true. It’s like getting the best of both worlds. We just couldn’t resist something like this. It has all the details to make the deal all the sweeter. Attracting One Piece fans from a distance as well.

The Mugiwara pirates pocket watch serves as the perfect magnet. If you have a friend’s birthday coming up then this is your thing. Surprise them with this wonderful pocket watch. It makes a great gift for any One-Piece fan out there. It will make them punctual as well. Looking at the watch over and over again. I mean the watch is just that good no?

9. One Piece 1000 pcs Jigsaw Puzzle:

Getting one of these as a kid was just marvelous. We’d spend so much time trying to bring the picture to life. It was really fun and we’d love to do it again. We’d want to just solve this on a Sunday, having nothing else to do. We’re all One-Piece fans here. Whether you’re getting it for yourself or for someone else, it’s perfect. It’s a gift every otaku would love to have.

You can also compete with each other as to who’s faster. Make everyone sweat while there are a million ways to cheat. But still, it’s one of the best gifts any One-Piece fan could get. Especially in this quarantine. Relaxing, rewarding and fun at the same time. What more could anyone ever ask for? Nothing of course.

10. One Piece Luffy changing mug:

Bringing in the second gear transformation. It makes you remember the whole water seven thing. The whole franky arc that was so good. At the same time, it’s the perfect way to relax after a long day. Just sit in the chair and have a taste of that black coffee. All of a sudden, we’re all ready to hit that screen once again.

It’s stylish and would make everyone ask you where you got it. Friends are great no? They gift you One Piece mugs. It’s a perfect surprise. It would make the best gift any One-Piece fan could ever ask for. Just placing it on the table would make your house look like Sunny. Transforming your house into the good old ship. Who wouldn’t want that?

11. One Piece Beanie:

Ready for that gangsta look? Well, Luffy is in cahoots with you this time. Make the best combo come in front of everyone’s eyes. It’s perfect for the winter season as well. It’s sure cold out there no? Let’s combat it with the beanie that’s a treat. The beanie that’s just the thing for all the One-Piece lovers.

The design and everything is stylish as well. It makes you vision the anime in an instant. That makes it all the better. Get ready to surprise everyone with this beanie. The color blends in perfectly with the logo as well. Making One Piece fuse with that style that everyone loves. Giving it as a gift to an anime lover would just make their day. It would make them remember how badly they wanted it back then. Back when they were a kid.

12. Chopper 3D mug:

Everyone would love to see the cute reindeer be there. Just waiting for them. It’s like the perfect way to get greeted when you come home. Those office hours are a pain in the ass. We get it. But drinking from that mug the moment you start relaxing. It’s just heaven itself with the anime hitting you from all directions.

It’s a great way to treat yourself by getting one of these. Or you can just make someone else’s eyes light up by gifting them this. The design is really cool which makes it the perfect anime gift. That makes the character come up in everyone’s head. It makes us hear those very tanuki words, the catchphrase. Plus, with the time skip look, we can imagine the better version. The new and improved chopper that’s had his moments.

13. One Piece bracelet:

All those bracelets that make you look cool and classy. But nothing beats the One-Piece version. It captures the perfect look and brings back many memories. It also makes us remember everything. Makes every symbol have this meaning to it. That serves as the perfect thing you’ll want to have on your wrist.

Plus, it takes it up a level by blending everything perfectly. It makes the perfect fusion come to life. Get all the swag with this One-Piece bracelet. The best One-Piece gift for fans all over the world. Everyone would love to style in this.

It will look good with everything for sure. Get one for every bro out there. Make sure you stand out as the One-Piece fan club. One that does not cringe at all.

14. Chopper plush:

The Chopper plush and the mug combo coming in good. We have both versions of the character here. You should get both of them to mark yourself as the best fan. Having both the characters in the house. That’ll be the perfect One-Piece sunny house in my opinion.

Also, it serves as the perfect plushie to cuddle with. Getting sleep can be really hard at times. But with this cutie there on your bed it’s going to be a piece of cake. Your cat can play with it as well. The perfect toy for both of you to be honest.
Plus, if you have a kid cousin who’s into One Piece, he’ll love it. Make his eyes light up just the way we see Chopper smiling in the show. It’s one of the best anime gifts for kids. It would truly make any One-Piece fan’s day in a heartbeat.

15. One Piece backpack:

Every student would love to have it. We saw the blast those Aot backpacks were responsible for. You know, a few years back. It’s time for the One-Piece fans to show that they’re still in it. Make the characters pop up in everyone’s head. People would love to get reminded of the 1000-episode anime.

One that they haven’t picked up cause they’re scared. I mean that’s a given since they’ll be 60 years old when they’ve caught up. When they’re up to date with the whole thing. But still, it’s the perfect thing to get as a student. The student otaku combo is pretty common. Make things all the better with this backpack. It’s truly the best thing an otaku student could ask for. Get all those manga volumes in it.


These One-Piece gifts are perfect for any fan out there. They’ll cement you as the ‘otaku guy/gal’ in an instant. They work really well with birthdays and parties. Even getting them for yourself isn’t bad at all. It’s the perfect time to treat yourself since it’s 2021. A new year, a new you. Let’s treat ourselves better and spread love and kindness. Spread all these smiles around by giving otakus some One-Piece gifts.

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