Pokemon gifts

A Pokemon gift is the ultimate

A Pokemon gift is the ultimate way of taking your loved ones down the memory lane to the nostalgia of the good old days – before adulting took over and made them forget the magic of imagination.

Pokémon anime series has numerous gift ideas that range from apparel, games, jewellery among other gifts.


10 Pokémon Gift Ideas For Anime Lovers

A Pokemon has been around for more than  Twenty-six years, but it’s still a great source of gifts for anime lovers – think about the many Pokemon merchandize, costumes and props that your loved ones will enjoy having.

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Pokémon Monopoly – Kanto Edition (With all 8 Gyms)

If you are looking for a Pokémon gift that will bring lots of fun for you and your loved ones, then this monopoly gift the perfect gift. Pokémon fans the world over love fun gifts that they can play with at home, or carry to a game event.

This Pokémon monopoly game set comes with 6 metal tokens, sculpted Pokémon marts in place of the traditional houses and has all the 8 Kanto gyms. The game is timeless and is a perfect Pokémon gift for  adult fans and children alike.

Adrenaline, is that you rising?


Pokémon Card Sleeves (Cool Gift for Trading Card Game Lovers)

Pokémon Trading Cards are treasured collectibles worth protecting from tear and wear. These awesome Pokémon Card sleeves offer the best protection for Pokémon cards and other trading cards, and can also give freshness to old cards.

Pokémon sleeves for standard cards are made of durable, clear plastic that is water and dust proof. The characters on the surface of this Pokémon gift are printed using permanent ink that will ensure they retain their beauty for long.


Alakazam Pokémon Funko (Gift them the Adventures of a Trainer)

Alakazam  is one of the most popular and powerful Pokémon owing to its psychic abilities. This is one of the best gifts for kids who aspire to become Pokémon trainers, and adults who love collecting Pokémon funko pop.

Alakazam Pokémon Funko pop vinyl figure is little bit bigger than the 2-inch Pokémon figure (2.75 inches tall), is made using quality materials, and is well designed to depict the original Pokémon character. It’s perfect for kids to play with, and adults to display in their Pokémon collection.


Charmander Onesie Pokemon Adult Costume (Fire the Cosplay)

Pokemon fans love Charmander – well behaved, feisty, and awesome to look at. Pokemon adult cosplay costumes are practical gifts especially because they can be appropriated for other functions even after the cosplay event is over.

The Charmander Adult Onesie Pokemon Adult Costume is a great addition to your loved one’s Pokemon Cosplay that is made using quality fabric ( it’s 100%  luxurious polyester fleece fabric). It is  machine-wash friendly, and they can wear it for numerous other purposes like just lounging in the house, or transform them into awesome adult pajamas (Oh, you should experience their snuggly midnight hugs).


Pokemon Go Pikachu Poké ball Glass Dome Necklace (Beautiful, Thoughtful)

Few things please a Pokémon fan more than receiving Pokémon Jewelry gifts. Pokémon Necklaces are especially special because they are easy to wear with clothes and other accessories your loved ones already have in their closets.

Pokemon Go Pikachu Poké ball Glass Dome Necklace has a detachable pendant, and the gift recipient can use it on multiple chains. It’s quality alloy chain is 30 inches long which allows enough space for it to become comfortable to wear. Gift recipients will love the necklace’s durable glass cabochon pendant that has awesome Poke ball colors.


Nintendo Switch Video Games Console (Still Gold)

Nintendo Switch has been around for the past five years and, while there are numerous video game consoles that have come out during that time, there are quite a few that would impress an anime gamer the way The Switch does. Think about the video game’s flexibility (you can play it at home on TV or on the go) and one can either play solo or share it with friends and family. Players can also connect and compete with other players online.

The more than 5000 games available on the Nintendo Switch Video Game Console are ideal gifts for adults and kids alike.  The console comes with a 7-inch OLED screen, 64GB internal storage, and an amazing audio system that makes this adorable gift all the more interesting.


Yellow Throw Poké and N Pop Poké Ball with Action Figures ( The Dual Purpose Gift)

Throwing Poké balls is an awesome way for your loved one’s to pass time while bonding with family and friends. Adding battle figures that pop out of the ultra ball doubles the fun, and makes family bonding time interactive. The ball is a great addition to the recipient’s Pokémon collectibles, making it a perfect Pokémon gift.


3D Crystal Ball LED Night Light Poke Ball Keychain

Crystal ball Keychains with LED lights are ideal Pokémon gifts for children and pre-teens. The toy night light in a crystal ball will excite kids, and will inspire them to take care of their keys. Gift recipients can also combine a few of these crystal ball keychains to make  unique Pokémon-themed  night lights to illuminate their rooms.

The 3D Crystal Ball LED Night Light Poke Ball Keychain has an on and off switch which preserves the battery and gives users control. It’s made with quality crystal ball (high grade k9 crystal) and the images are engraved using 3d Laser Technology.


Pokémon Pikachu Birthday Card (Speak Your Warmth Out Loud!)

Birthday gifts come and go, but words remain. It would help, therefore, to accompany your birthday gifts with a well-thought out message, on a card your loved ones will identify with.

The Pikachu Birthday Card has beautiful Pokemon characters printed on the outer cover, with words “Happy Birthday” warmly speaking to the gift the recipient. It is blank (white) on the inside pages to allow you enough space to express your warm birthday wishes to your loved ones – from funny one liners, to complete poetry verses and positive vibes.


Pez Pokémon Dispensers Individually Wrapped Candy (Sweet!)

The sweetness of great Birthday gifts is sometimes not so much about its cost, but in the fun they bring. Pokémon Pez Candy dispensers are perfect gifts for birthday celebrations or any other ceremonies with children fans.

The 12 pack Pokémon Pez Dispenser has a mix of Pokémon characters and comes with a variety of flavors so your loved ones can experience the taste of their favorite characters in a candy. The candy in this collection is peanut, gluten and soy free, and you wont have to worry about gifting loved ones with medical conditions that make them allergic to these foods.

Your Loved Ones Can’t Wait to Receive Your Pokémon Gifts

Shopping for Pokémon gifts is an easy and fun activity to do, especially when you have a reliable Pokemon gift vendor at your service. It would help to order for your gifts well in advance to give time for shipping.

Happy Shopping!

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