Star Wars Gifts

Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Rey Cosplay Costume - A Edition

Think about out-of-this-world board games, cheezy kitchen appliances, iced-out jewelry, creative custom artwork, and advanced droid gifts that will wow your loved ones.

Items You'll Need To Become A Star War Gifts


Star War Gifts

Yo! Star Wars gifts slap the soul with a different kind of love. Like they are cool, trendy, and fashionable masterpieces that make a perfect gift for movie fans of all ages.

Think about out-of-this-world board games, cheezy kitchen appliances, iced-out jewelry, creative custom artwork, and advanced droid gifts that will wow your loved ones.

These gift ideas bring beautiful memories, sweet longings, and undying, unconditional love.


14 Star Wars Gift Ideas to Consider For Movie Fans (From a Die Hard Star War Fan)

Ever thought of gifting someone a gift so special it lights up their spirit? Not the expression, like literally light up their whole beings you can hear their breath spell gratitude?

This awesome Star War gift guide contains items from your loved ones’ favorite characters and scenes, and are Disney Plus approved.

Ready to Shop? Let’s Go-Go!


Uncanny Brands Star Wars R2-D2 Popcorn Maker (AKA Your Next Party's Favorite Droid!)

This fully operational droid Kitchen appliance is just the perfect gift for Star Wars die-hard fans ( and a great party partner for your next movie night).

See, we Star War lovers picture perfect movie nights as ones where our favorite beverage is served in infinite quantities and popcorn flows in abundant servings.

You will consider Uncanny Brands Star Wars R2-D2 Popcorn Maker because you are looking for a popcorn maker gift that comes with a measuring cup to prevent overfilling the appliance, is carefully curved out to look like their favorite Star Wars character, and is so high powered that it guarantees a 98% kennel pops. The gift recipient will also love the popcorn maker’s detachable lid that snaps into a beautiful serving bowl, and is super-easy to clean.


AQUARIUS Star Wars Playing Cards (Oh! We Love Card Games)

Card games are great, but playing card games while holding our favorite cast of characters makes the game awesome; like Nirvana awesome. Think about cards with a Luke Skywalker face, an awesome  baby Yoda Face, and Jabba the Hutt cheering you on to achieve your mission. 

The Clone Wars Themed Deck of Cards comes with 54 Star War – themed cards ( 52 playing + 2 Joker). Each of these cards has it’s unique design, and is made of quality material.

Star Wars party nights just became awesome with these beautiful cards.


Boba Fett's Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192 Expert Building Kit (The ultimate Star War Adult Gift)

I won’t even start to tell you the amazing features and functions of this Millenium Falcon Star War Building kit (they are too many for one session).

But think about your loved one bent on a table focused on bringing together 7000+ pieces in a bid to defend the galaxy (7000+ solutions if you ask me). And…

Wait for it,

Your loved ones will use Boba Fett’s Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192 Expert Building Kit to build the biggest LEGO Star-wars Millennium Falcon ever!

Check out the product to see even more awesome features of this building kit.


Boba Fett Phone and Controller Holder (Not Machine Specific)

This functional Star Wars Statue holds your little appliances as they charge (phones, game controllers, and more). It is an 8 inch awesomeness, made using durable PVC material, and has a sturdy base.

A Star Wars fan will also have it easy using the high quality, 6 foot, type C charging cable, and it’s creative design that embody Star Wars iconic characters. This Boba Fett Phone and Controller is an ideal gift for fans who love a perfect video game moment – It is compatible with major video game controllers (Xbox and playstation among others).


Deluxe Darth Vader Star War Lightsaber (Make a Jedi knight)

A detailed lightsaber completes a Darth Vader Cosplay. Star War fans love having them around as cosplay accessories or decorative pieces (You have seen how die hard Star War fans display their lightsaber collection with pride?)

This gift for fans is also ideal for family play time, and your loved ones will have fun making lightsaber strikes against each other ( you can purchase a variety of lightsabers for each family member depending on their favorite Star War characters). Your loved ones could also creatively use this gift as a lightsaber room light. 

It has a solid red light ( just as Darth Vader likes it), produces interactive sounds and vibrates whenever you power up or power down. A Disney Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber comes with and 11 inches long lightsaber hilt kit, and a 22+ inch long blade. It is powered by high quality batteries so your loved ones won’t have to change it for a long time.


Philips Norelco Special Edition Star Wars Storm Trooper Wet & Dry Electric Shaver & Styler ( Turn on the Smooth)

This cordless Star Wars head and shin shaver will save your loved ones several trips to the barbershop (and lots of cash too!) It is also a great tool for Star War fans who enjoy trying out new hairstyles at home.

The high quality Philips shaver has a dual-headed rotary attachment that guarantees a clean, smooth shave. The shaver’s ComfortCut blade system allows your family and friends to shave easy without having to worry about nicks and cuts to the skin.

Philips Norelco Special Edition Star Wars Storm Trooper Wet & Dry Electric Shaver & Styler has 5 blade length settings that allow users to trim hair to their preferred length. It is bathroom-friendly, which allows for a shave in the shower (it can shave up to 40 minutes when fully charged). 


Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian Premium Electronic Helmet Roleplay Collectible (Bring the Action Home)

Star War fans love the mystery of Mandalorian – a well loved bounty hunter who speaks few words, and whose face is shielded in a stylish helmet. Your loved ones will enjoy recreating this mystery in a Star War roleplay using this premium electronic helmet.

The gift recipients will love this Mandalorian helmet for the soft inner fabric designed to offer comfort and is breathable (of course you don’t want your favorite bounty hunter chocking in there). Its adjustable fit feature makes this iconic helmet easy to fit and hold various head sizes.

You will love Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian Premium Electronic Helmet’s internal red lights that can activate or deactivate, and its removable exterior tactical light. Overall, this creative gift is built with attention to the details and it embodies the TV show’s Mandalorian costume.


Rubie's Star Wars The Mandalorian Beskar Armor Children's Costume ( Complete Beskar Armor)

Cosplay completes Die-hard Star War fans’ lives. Kids enjoy playing their favorite Star Wars character when celebrating milestones and other celebrations (Oh! how beautiful their birthday photos will be in this Mandalorian costume). Cosplaying their favorite heroes also raises their self-esteem, nurtures their creative imagination, and can even help them learn how to handle various huddles in their journey.

This Rubie’s Star Wars The Mandalorian Beskar Armor Children’s Costume is an ideal gift idea for children, and you can choose size options to fit kids from 3 years all the way to teenagers and young adults. It comes with a quality body suit, complete with the signature Mandalorian iconic helmet and you can combine it with various Star War props for an even better cosplay.


LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 Collectible Building Toy (With 2000+ Pieces)

This R2 -D2 Lego set gives Star War fans a chance to relive their favorite scenes from the TV show. They will enjoy building and displaying this Star Wars droid from over 2000 separate Lego pieces.

When building is complete, this geek-approved piece stands at 12.5 inches tall, and comes with a display stand. Gift recipients will enjoy having the special lucasfilm 50th anniversary Brick. You can spend Family time or game nights building and bringing this droid to life!


Star Wars- Mandalorian Legendary Warrior Bounty Hunter Wall Clock (Frameless)

Living in a space that is not only beautiful but also embodies your hobbies and beliefs warms many a fans heart. This creative gift functions both as a decorative piece and (of course) as a functional wall clock.

The Star Wars- Mandalorian Legendary Warrior Bounty Hunter Wall Clock is made using durable material and blends easily with other wall decor. You can combine this gift with other star war merchandise to make your loved ones’ spaces amazingly awesome.


3D Star Wars Darth Vader LED Table Night Light ( Electrifying Awesomeness)

There is so much to do with this cool Darth Vader’s night light – put it on tables of a Star Wars themed restaurant, light up the children’s bedroom with it’s cool colors, put it up as a decorative piece during birthdays and other parties, and much more.

This quality hologram light comes with seven 3D color options, , and one can set it to give a continuous single color or gradually change color. The table light is flat, and the iconic characters only appear when the light comes on ( cool, right? )


R2-D2 Astromech Droid Robot Pattern Dual Layer Armor Defender Phone Case ( For iPhone 12 And iphone 12 Pro)

You will gift this R2-D2 case to a star war enthusiast who likes their phone to stay safe and stylish. The Star Wars phone case has two layers that allows shock absorption, and protection against scratches and abrasion.

The silicone layer adds grip to the R2-D2 case, and makes it comfortable to hold. All button points are well sealed to protect the phone from absorbing dust or water. The charging and audio output ports are easy to access for ease of phone use.

The Star War art at phone case’s back surface is clear and printed with quality, permanent ink to keep the phone looking great for longer.

This R2-D2 case fits iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro only, and it would help to confirm that the gift recipient’s phones match these models before shopping for this creative gift.


Monopoly: Disney Star Wars Dark Side Edition Board (Hey, Adrenaline)

This Star Wars board game will raise the adrenaline for your loved one’s next game night. It has all the qualities of the classic Monopoly game, but with creative Star Wars twist ( powerful dark side cards, unlimited number of villains that players can recruit, a powerful force lightning ring, and players can land on a space ship and much more).

Players can also embody their favorite characters with the 6 Zink monopoly tokens – Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Asaj Ventress, among other iconic Star War characters. The Monopoly: Disney Star Wars Dark Side Edition Board Game and pieces have Star War custom artwork, and cards have exciting quotes from the movie.

Adrenaline, is that you ol’ friend?


Star Wars R2-D2 Metal Can Cooler (Cool Cans for Cool Fans)

This Disney shop portable can cooler will keep your loved one’s drink of choice colder, and while keeping their hands warm. The cooler’s exterior surface is branded with beautiful Star War artwork, and the interior’s rubber fits the 12 Oz can perfectly, and uses creative technology to make the drink colder.

Star Wars R2-D2 Metal Can Cooler is perfect for standard cans – beer, soda, and others, and is steady to prevent your drink of choice from tipping off.

Can a can cooler be cooler than this can cooler? (wink! wink!)

Yes, Star War Gifts are Cool Like That!

Star War Gifts bring feelings of adventure, spontaneity, gratitude and happiness. We feel honored to receive your gift and we are forever grateful for the intention (It doesn’t matter whether you buy a simple decorative piece, or a complex Star War costume – We already love it).

Oh, and we can’t wait to hug you!

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