The Office Gifts

We need to give a treat to the fans. With One Piece gifts for fans, let’s make everyone’s day.

The office TV series has fans the world over. The plot and characters revolves around a Dunder Mifflin Paper company in Scranton Business Park.

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The office Gifts

The office TV series has fans the world over. The plot and characters revolves around a Dunder Mifflin Paper company in Scranton Business Park. The TV series depicts an everyday office space and serves themes in a creatively spun irony and paradoxes.

You will enjoy shopping for gifts that take your loved ones back to the amazing scenes of the Office Show, and be ready to be surprised by the level of their appreciation of the beautiful gifts you bring.


The Office Gifts for TV Show Lovers

You will easily find an awesome gift for fans from this popular TV show. The Office is the go-to place if you’re looking to surprise your co-workers with funny Office gifts, or looking for a novelty gift for your best friend’s birthday or wedding anniversary celebrations. 

The Office gifts range from trendy apparels, to functional gadgets and funny toys and collectibles, among others. 

Ready to Shop? Lets Go-Go!


Schrute Farms Hoodie ( Double Fabric Office Sweatshirt)

The Office Themed gift Hoodies are great ways of communicating your love for the recipient. They are made using quality, breathable material that makes the office sweatshirt appropriate for all seasons. The funny Schrute farm quotes printed on this Office Lovers gift will leave an undying smile on your loved ones’ faces.

This Double Fabric Office Sweatshirt comes in a wide range of colors and you can choose one that fits your loved ones’ preferences. Your Office fan gift recipient will love this Dunder Mifflin gift’s well illustrated, quality print of the Schrute farm signage.


The Office Quote Mash-Up T-Shirt (The Ultimate Office Fan Shirt)

This funny office shirt is a perfect gift for the Office die-hard fans. It is stylishly made using a quality mixture of polyester and cotton fabrics and has a collection of hilarious quotes printed on it. The quotes vary with each shirt, but you can expect Michael Scott’s memorable quotes, Dwight’s hilarious classic utterances, among other Office characters.

Your loved ones will love this funny office shirt that is carefully sewn – double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. If you are looking for a perfect Dunder Mifflin T-shirt, then you will consider this beautiful shirt.


Dwight Funny Wine Glass (And the Dundie Award  Goes to ...)

Beautiful wine glasses make perfect wine moments. Traditional wine glasses break their stems so often, leaving users with perfect glasses that they cannot use (because of the broken stems). These Dwight stemless wine glasses are made using quality outdoor vinyl material, and have a sturdy base to prevent them from falling.

Dwight Funny Wine Glass are handmade, and come in a wide color range (from white, red, green, rose turquoise and gold among others). The wine glasses are creatively bow-shaped to hold 15 Oz of various wine types. They all have funny quotes from the popular Office TV show.


The Office Stickers (Pack of 100 Stickers)

The office Stickers pack is the perfect gift for fans that enjoy decorating their spaces, stationery and accessories. Think about a Michael Scott sticker on their water bottle, a Dwight Schrute sticker on their laptop, a Dunder mifflin paper company logo sticker on their fridge door a funny Jim Halpert’s face on the dishwasher, and even clever Michael Scott quotes displayed on your loved ones’ working spaces.

This pack comes with 100 different stickers, each uniquely created (none is like the other), which gives your loved ones an array of the Office Stickers to work with. The stickers are made using high quality material are easy to put on and do not leave a smudge when you peel them off.


The Office - 4 Piece Enamel Pin Set (Michael, Dwight, Jim, and Kevin)

Enamel pins are perfect Office Fan gifts. Gift recipients can wear them on their jackets, dresses and shirts, or pin them on their backpacks, children’s school bags, among other places. They communicate the recipients association to the show, keep them trendy, and hold their apparel together.

The Office – 4 Piece Enamel Pin set comes with awesome faces of the Office TV show, that are carefully attached to the lapel pin to prevent them from falling off too soon. They are made from quality silver and each enamel pin is approximately 1.5 inches tall.


The Office Birthday Cards ( The Ultimate Greeting Card)

Greeting cards are the perfect dundie award trophy contenders – they are simple, well-thought-out and amazingly memorable. Office-themed greeting cards will wow an Office Fan especially for the funny Office quote printed on the cards ( “It’s Your Birthday , FALSE” is printed on this particular descriptive card).

You will love Dwight K. Schrute’s cartoon image that fills most of the 8.5×5.3 inches Office birthday card. It is blank on the inside, and you can add even  more Dwight Schrute quotes to The Office Birthday Card, or you could add a personalized message for your loved ones. It’s also one of the Office gifts with the lowest price in case you are shopping on a budget.


Dwight Schrute Fact Funny Beer Can Coolies ( Fact : It's a Cool Can Cooler, Lol)

The office themed gift is the perfect way of saying, “Fam, you are cool!” Imagine your friends and family enjoying a can of beer straight from this amazing Dwight can cooler, and remembering the love with which you gifted them this functional tool. It is a perfect idea for beer lovers and is pressed to last a long time.

These beverage can coolers printed with high quality can paint so they can look good for long. They are made using high quality, insulated Neoprene material ( which is resistant to oil and weathering).

#10 Gift Card in a Gift Box ( The Perfect Gift Cards for The Office Fan)

Sometimes finding the prefect gift for a loved one can prove hectic – think about that one time you excitedly bought someone a cassette business card case, only for the to tell you how they’d have loved a Dwight sticker instead. An gift card gives your loved ones the chance to choose their favorite Office gifts from the millions available on the global eCommerce website.

The Gift Card in a Gift Box is parked in a beautiful novelty box and shipped to your loved ones address. You can even add a personalized message to accompany the gift card. They can thereafter scan the QR code to redeem the amount you gift them ($25-2000). The card has no expiry date, and the gift recipient can keep the card and redeem it when the time is right for them.

Gifting an Office Fan is That Much Fun

The Office gifts are fun and easy. They bring the humor in an otherwise boring work space, and remind our loved ones to take it easy – life is not that serious.It would help to evaluate an Office Fan’s favorite characters, their lifestyle preferences and their choice colors before purchasing an Office Gift.

Did Michael stutter? Lol. Happy shopping!

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