Sailor Moon Gifts

The Sailor Moon anime series has a ton of perfect gifts for fans.

Sailor moon is a story of a brave girl, Tsukino Usagi, who battles the forces of darkness to protect the universe from ruin. She is an inspiration for many anime fans the world over, especially because of her admirable skills and abilities. 

Sailor moon gifts range from costumes like sailor a moon shirt, pants or shoes, to Sailor Moon props like the Sailor moon scepter, swords among others. 

But what exactly should I buy?Well, that’s dependent on the Sailor Moon fan you plan to gift, their favorite characters, and style preferences. Want a comprehensive Sailor Moon Gift guide? Lets Go-Go!

7 Popular Sailor Moon Gifts for Anime Fans

Sailor Moon fans, just like other Anime and Manga enthusiasts, value anime gifts – they consider them an extension of the genius mind that created the anime series they enjoy watching. Here are a few gift suggestions you will consider when buying a Sailor Moon gift. 

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Sailor moon Tsukino Usagi Cosplay Costume (Let the Cosplay Begin)

We Sailor moon fans live to cosplay our favorite characters ( oh you should see how happy we are when playing the powers of our heroes and heroins – we can even save the world.Wink, wink). 

Sailor Moon’s Usagi  Tsukino is a popular character among many anime cosplay lover’s for three major reasons : she is powerful, trendy and beautiful. A complete Tsukino Usagi cosplay costume  is a perfect gift for female fans who plan to attend Japanese girl night outs or other Sailor moon events. 

Buy various costume accessories to go with the gift. These could include sailor moon makeup brushes, sailor moon scepter, or an anime gel pen, among others. 

Let’s cosplay!


Sailor Moon Sweatshirt ( Oh Flair!)

I will confess my love for trendy anime sweatshirts (I have a million and one sweatshirts and still have space for more, you know). But why wouldn’t I? 

Look, Sailor moon sweatshirts are cool and functional – I wear them while sitting at home (and sipping on something nice), or when doing my evening walk ( and watching the sunset), or mix it up with other outfits ( for a casual work meeting). 

A Sailor Moon sweatshirt is therefore a perfect gift for fans who enjoy trendy apparels and know how to wear them ( don’t worry, most of us are kick A-word  fashionistas). Buy a sweatshirt that matches the recipient’s style, color and has their favorite Sailor Moon Characters. 

You could also order a sailor moon sweatshirt for children, and you should choose among the many anime characters the product comes in. 


18 Color Galaxy Sailor Moon Lamp ( Light their Universe!)

A sailor moon lamp is one of the best colorful gifts that you can offer your child ( perfect birthday gift for children, by the way). It will light their rooms in 18 perfect ways, comes with an easy to use remote control ( to change colors, speed, mode and intensity). It also has a timer, and is an ideal night light as it will go off after the set time. 

Finally, it comes with an easy to assemble lamp stand to help with easy handling of the Galaxy Sailor Moon Lamp, and is made using quality materials to make it durable.

Lets kill the evil by moon light! 


Sailor Moon Music Box ( Beautiful, Sentimental)

A good music box is art, sentiment and love ( all shaken, pressed and served in a memorable song moment). They last a long time and are easily passed from generations to generations, and will serve as memory reservoirs of blissful moments in the recipient’s life ( they can make perfect bridesmaid gifts, by the way). 

An anime-themed Sailor Moon Music Box is the perfect sentimental gifts for a special one. It plays the Moonlight Densetsu Song that they will love listening to, and comes in a durable, pink wooden box case that makes it all the more admirable. 


Sailor Moon Crystal Long Sleeve T-Shirt ( Warmth. Comfort. Trendy)

We all want the rebellious kid on our wall, no? Him being there just waving at us. Everything’s fine and all until you see that bounty. One of the highest bounties in One Piece. The navy sure is going to have a tough time capturing him. I don’t think they’ll ever be able to though. Having his bounty increased over and over again. He never fails to put himself as a bigger threat and danger.

The people love to yell ‘Mugiwara’ at his face. That sure makes it look like he’s got a lot of fans. This Luffy bounty poster will be the best birthday gift for any otaku out there. Making him be there on the wall would scare a lot of people. All the better if you have a dangerous neighborhood.


Cute Sailor Moon Rabbit Throw Blanket ( Oh Snug!)

Cute Rabbit Throws Blanket Sailor Anime Blanket with Moon and Stars Super Soft Flannel Blankets Cat Rabbit Lightweight Thermal Fleece Blankets for Couch Bed Sofa,60×50 Inches : Home & Kitchen” width=”165″ height=”165″ /> Throw blankets are beautiful ways to warm an evening. They are soft and comforting, and are perfect companion when watching our favorite anime series. They are also perfect gift for lovers ( think about the amount of cuddling they provide, lol). It would also make a great cat lover gift (fleece blankets, hint hint). A Sailor Moon bunny blanket comes in various colors, but they all have the anime series symbol of a crescent moon, are big (50*60 inches), and are made from warm durable material. Welcome them to the snuggle world!


Princess Serenity Tsukino Usagi Lover Heart Engagement Ring (Ice!)

Love is a beautiful thing (cliche, I know lol). But then, love becomes THE most beautiful thing if it leads down the aisle! And apart from the ‘I do’ moment, lovers remember their engagement for a long time – some even for the rest of their lives!

So make it special!

If you are engaging an anime fan, a Sailor Moon Tsukino Usagi engagemnt ring is a perfect idea! You could also goft your lover the ring ‘just because’ – who said you have to wait for engagement before gifting a loved one. 

Bring on the Love

Gifts are the best expression of your love for a Sailor Moon fan. We relish in the intention and thought you put into getting us a sailor moon gift and we are forever grateful for even the most basic gift you bring our way. So go ahead, gift us! 

Happy Gift Hunting. 

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