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Dr. Algernop Krieger Costume Guide

Dr. Algernop Krieger DIY Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween
How to Dress Like Dr. Algernop Krieger for Cosplay and Halloween [Photo: wdlee00]

Every top secret agent needs an excellent scientist by his side. Just as James bond has Q, similarly, Archer has Krieger. This mad scientist of Figgis Agency, formerly International Secret-Intelligence Service (I.S.I.S), gets only a little bit of appreciation in the show. However, his skills are untouched. Doctor Algernop Krieger was raised by a former Nazi scientist and can speak fluent English, German, Portuguese, and Japanese.

He is not a certified medical doctor but shows his magical skills when needed. He also has his own clones hidden away just in case they are needed. Also, he has a virtual girlfriend named Mitsuko Miyazumi. Pretty cool, right! If anyone is looking for a crazy scientist to dress up as for a cosplay or halloween event, then a Dr. Algernop Krieger costume is the perfect choice.

Read below to learn how to dress like Dr. Algernop Krieger for cosplay and halloween.

How to Dress Like Dr. Algernop Krieger

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Dr. Algernop Krieger Costume Ideas


Krieger wears a light yellow long sleeve shirt with a pair of khaki pants. He wears a dark brown necktie and a black belt. As an extraordinary scientist (or so he believes), he always wears a knee length white lab coat. It has two pockets in front and several other inside to keep his personal belongings.


Krieger always maintains a very neat and professional look. He does not part his hair in any direction but rather combs his hair toward the back. Use a firm grip hair gel to try to replicate this style. If you are getting a wig to emulate his hair style, remember that he has a receding hairline on his temple probably because he might have male pattern baldness.


Dr. Krieger maintains a meticulously shaped bears. If you don’t already have a beard, you will need to give yourself a month or so to achieve the length of Dr. Krieger’s beard. Once its at the appropriate length, use use good quality wax to shape the edge of the beard and corners of the mustache. If growing out a beard is a no go, try to pick up a costume beard that fits Krieger’s style.

Krieger’s eyebrows are thick and pointed upwards in the middle. You case use a dark brown eye pencil to shape your eyebrows. Remember to also wax them for a clean appearance.


Use light green contact lenses to match Krieger’s eye color. Also, remember to create a shadow below the eyes. Since Krieger is mostly working in his lab, he has bags under his eyes from lack of sleep.


If you are to take your Dr. Algernop Krieger costume to the next level, you can throw in a gas mask and some kind of equipment like a drill machine or laser gun or even a simple tool box to carry in your hands. A curious mind like Krieger would is always ready to perform his scientific experiments in environment at any time.

Get That Cell-Shaded Look

Dr. Krieger, like all characters on ‘Archer’, have a distinctive art style which features dark black lines to define the contours. You can replicate this look for your Dr. Krieger costume by using a black sharpie to draw thick lines on your face and clothing items.

About Dr. Algernop Krieger


And by the way, if I was a clone of Adolf goddamn Hitler, wouldn’t I look like Adolf goddamn Hitler?!

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