Ochaco Uraraka Costume Guide

My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Akademia Ochako Uraraka Cosplay Costume

Ochaco Uraraka Costume Guide

On the anime series My Hero Academia, Ochaco Uraraka is a student training to be a successful Pro Hero in the future, and she’s one of the major protagonists of the show. Known for her bubbly and laid back personality, her cheerful smile and her passive attitude, Ochaco is beloved by most of her friends and her care towards others has made her one of My Hero Academia’s most endearing characters.

Along with her fellow students, her training can sometimes drive her to be too determined, but she mostly loves having fun. Ochaco Uraraka is a great option for any cosplayer who loves anime and wants an iconic costume.

In this guide, we will describe everything you will need to complete your Ochaco cosplay for your next convention or Halloween event.

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Items You Will Need to Complete the Costume:
  • Brown Bob Wig
  • My Hero Academia Uniform with Skirt
  • Ochako’s Suit

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How to Dress Like Ochaco Uraraka from My Hero Academia


Ochaco has poofy auburn hair in shoulder-length, voluminous strands framing her face, as well as two longer pieces on each side of her face and shorter choppy bangs over her forehead.

You can style your own hair to look like Ochaco’s, or you can wear an auburn-colored cosplay wig.

Search for wigs at cosplay stores and use scissors to style the wig if you need to.


Ochaco has wide brown eyes, pink blushing dots on either cheek, and small dot-like lower eyelashes. You can recreate this look with face paint, pink blush, black mascara and black pencil eyeliner.

Ochaco Uraraka Makeup Tutorial:


Like her fellow students, Ochaco wears a gray school uniform blazer with turquoise accent stripes and gold buttons. She also wears a white high-collared dress shirt, a turquoise pleated school skirt, dark gray pantyhose and a red necktie.

Her hero outfit consists of a dark blue bodysuit with a light pink and black circular design on the middle, which runs between her legs. She has two other pink patches over her shoulders, dark pink armbands and a thick pink choker necklace.

She has circle-shaped wrist guards with a dark pink grip on the back of each one, wide knee-length boots, a belt around her waist, a helmet with a tinted visoron her head, and all are the same pinkish color scheme.

You can search for similar costume components online, or you can search to see if a pre-made version of the hero outfit is available.


With her school uniform, Ochaco wears brown loafers. You can buy similar footwear from shoe stores and retail websites. She also wears a white circular pearl-like pin in the middle of the knot in her red necktie, presumably to hold it in place.

Lastly, you’ll need the pink paw-print like pad which she keeps attached to her hand for activating her quirk. You can use a pink piece of fabric for this.