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One Piece Onigashima Monkey D Luffy Cosplay Costume

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One of the longest-running anime series. One Piece is second to none. This makes the Luffy cosplay costume all the more special. It’s been bringing smiles since the ’90s and is still going strong. The protagonist Monkey D Luffy is still loved and adored the same. He is surely one of the best characters out there.

Luffy Costume:

One Piece Onigashima Monkey D Luffy Cosplay Costume

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One Piece Luffy Coat Hoodie Cosplay Costume

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One Piece Monkey D Luffy Red Cosplay Costume

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Time skip was a huge part of One Piece. It gave us an entirely new insight to the characters. It was something that was bound to happen. But it was carried out so well that it was wonderful to say the very least.

The new Monkey D Luffy was miles ahead of the first one. He had transformed and was ready to work hard. To strive for his dreams way harder than before.

The One Piece Luffy cosplay costume after the time skip is surely better. It’s something every One Piece fan wants to get their hands on. It’s proof of you being on a journey. A journey to claim the One Piece for yourself.


Here we have the exact Monkey D Luffy costume. It looks like it’s hot out of the show. The cosplay outfit in the anime has always been cool. Even in the beginning, it caught the eye of most people. Despite the fact that it didn’t have much to it at all. The Monkey D Luffy outfit right here has more than what meets the eye.

The Luffy costume attire comes along with:

  • The same red upper that everyone loves. The same one we’ve been seeing all these years. It got modifications with the time skip. The new fresh look is way cooler than before. But it still stays true to it’s roots which is admirable.
  • The yellow cloth wrapped around his waist. It’s something that wasn’t there before. But with the time skip we got to see it. It adds more and more to the One Piece costume.
  • The shorts that have always been simple. But they have that artistic pirate look to them. This makes them stand out since day one. With the time skip, they only got better and cooler. It’s a treat for all the fans,


  • The exact same Luffy costume from the anime.
  • The details are copied really well.
  • The anime look is preserved which in my opinion is great.


  • It looks easy to wear out.
  • It looks easy to get tattered.
  • The cloth wrapped around your waist might be hot on a summer day.


If you are a One Piece fan you’ve come to the perfect place. Since the Time Skip arc, Monkey D Luffy fans only seem to be increasing. Now they’re uncountable at this point all around the world.

They all dig the new look. The One piece cosplay outfit right here has got everything a fan needs. It comes along with everything you need to pull off the look. It’s easy to use and there’s no rocket science to it.

Whether it’s a convention or an expo, this is something that goes well with everything. Even theme days can have a bit of the One Piece cosplay outfit. This surely makes it a good pick when it comes to choosing a cosplay costume.

It’ll surely bring One Piece to the scene. One Piece is one of the longest-running series. It has one of the biggest fan bases. This Luffy cosplay costume is sure to become a hit right away.

Monkey D Luffy Straw Hat:

Here we have the iconic hat. The same one Shanks gave Luffy while embarking on his journey. We have the same one he used to have back on Roger’s ship. Shanks has come a long way but so has Luffy. The straw hat is something he can do anything for. It’s his most prized possession. It shows how deep-rooted his bond with Shanks is. This makes it a must for the cosplay costume.

Luffy Sandals:

Ever since day one Luffy has had a strange outfit. But the shoes were surely something that stood out. They’re simple, yet fit the theme so well. They never feel out of place whether we have stylish hunks like Crocodile or Doffy. They’re one of a kind. This makes them a good pick. The anime cosplay costume is far from complete without them. This makes them a must-have for all the fans. They are sure to make your cosplay reach the next level.

Luffy Cosplay Advice And Tips:

Be sure to try out the Luffy costume prior to the occasion. This will make you have a feel of the outfit. Plus be sure to look at a mirror and make adjustments. The Monkey D Luffy cosplay is something that requires everything in its perfect place. Moreover, be sure to have a feel of the sandals. This will make you feel a lot more comfortable as well.

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