Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is an anime about a world where massive walls protect humanity from the Titans, giant humanoid creatures that want to devour all of humanity.

Attack on Titan is an anime about a world where massive walls protect humanity from the Titans, giant humanoid creatures that want to devour all of humanity. When these walls are breached, humans must fight back against the Titans to reclaim their city.
The story follows Eren Yeager and his friends as they take on this seemingly impossible task.
Attack on Titan has become one of the most iconic anime in recent years due to its stunning visuals, memorable characters, and intense action scenes. The ongoing series has captured the hearts of fans all over the world, and its popularity continues to grow as more episodes are released.
Here are 10 popular Attack on Titan characters that are often cosplayed:

Eren Yeager

The series’ main protagonist, recognized by his Survey Corps uniform, dark hair, and determined expression. His intense, green eyes reflect his unwavering resolve to seek freedom and uncover the truth about the world. Whether cosplaying his earlier, more optimistic self or his later, more conflicted persona, capturing the transformation in his character adds depth to the portrayal. From the 3D Maneuver Gear on his hips to the signature green cape billowing behind him, attention to every detail can bring forth the essence of Eren’s journey from innocence to a complex sense of duty.

Mikasa Ackerman

Eren’s adoptive sister and a skilled fighter, often seen in her Survey Corps uniform with the red scarf. Her striking Asian features, distinctive raven-black hair, and the iconic red scarf that symbolizes her unbreakable bond with Eren make her instantly recognizable. As a cosplayer, capturing Mikasa’s stoic yet fiercely protective demeanor is essential. The detailing of her vertical maneuvering equipment and the way she wields her blades can bring the dynamic energy of her combat skills to life. Whether recreating her intense focus during battles or her rare moments of vulnerability, embodying Mikasa showcases the strength and emotional depth that define her character.

Levi Ackerman

Known for his clean freak tendencies, short stature, and iconic Survey Corps uniform. Levi’s captivating steel-gray eyes, meticulously groomed hair, and aura of controlled power set him apart. To embody Levi’s character fully, paying attention to the meticulous cleanliness of his uniform and the precision of his vertical maneuvering gear is crucial. His agile combat style, characterized by lightning-fast movements and deadly accuracy, can be portrayed through careful attention to posing and prop handling. Capturing the balance between his stern, no-nonsense demeanor and his occasional glimpses of humanity creates a cosplay that encapsulates the complexities of this beloved character.

Erwin Smith

The determined and strategic leader of the Survey Corps, recognized by his charismatic presence and uniform. With his commanding height, sharp blue eyes that reflect his wisdom, and the distinct auburn hue of his hair, Erwin exudes an air of authority and determination. Cosplaying Erwin involves capturing his thought-provoking expressions and confident posture, which reflect his unwavering commitment to humanity’s survival. Donning his Survey Corps uniform and the cloak that billows behind him during pivotal moments showcases his unwavering resolve. Remembering to embody his strategic mindset and the weight of leadership adds depth to the portrayal, allowing fans to appreciate the complexities that make Erwin such a pivotal character.

Armin Arlert

Eren’s childhood friend, recognized by his blond hair and evolving outfits as the series progresses. Armin’s transformation from a timid and self-doubting individual into a strategic thinker is a testament to his growth. As a cosplayer, capturing both his innocence and his newfound confidence can be a compelling challenge. From his initial, more modest attire to his later Survey Corps uniform, each outfit represents a different phase of his journey. Embodying Armin means reflecting his contemplative expressions and the spark of brilliance that lies behind his blue eyes. Whether poring over books or strategizing with fellow cadets, showcasing his intellectual prowess and unwavering loyalty adds depth to this portrayal.

1) Historia Reiss: Also known as Krista Lenz, she is recognizable by her blonde hair and different uniform variations. Historia’s character embodies a compelling duality, transitioning from her initially meek persona as Krista to embracing her true identity as Historia with strength and determination. As a cosplayer, capturing the evolution of her character is key—whether portraying her earlier, demure appearances or her later, more assertive ones. Her changing uniforms, from her original cadet outfit to her royal attire as the true heir to the throne, offer diverse choices for cosplaying. Reflecting her serene blue eyes and the depth of emotion they convey, along with the subtleties of her expressions, adds a layer of authenticity to the portrayal of this complex character.

2) Sasha Blouse: Known for her love of food and excellent marksmanship, often seen in her Scout Regiment gear. Sasha’s vibrant personality, distinctive freckles, and bright hazel eyes make her a recognizable and endearing character to cosplay. Capturing her infectious enthusiasm for food and life, along with her impressive shooting skills, can make the portrayal truly come alive. Paying attention to the details of her Scout Regiment uniform, including the vertical maneuvering gear and her gear pouches, showcases her readiness for battle. Whether mimicking her energetic appetite or her focus during combat, bringing forth both sides of Sasha’s character creates a cosplay that’s both charming and action-packed.

3) Zeke Yeager: Eren’s older half-brother, recognized by his glasses, short beard, and unique Beast Titan form. Zeke’s distinct appearance, with his well-groomed beard, scholarly glasses, and keen, calculating eyes, sets him apart. Cosplaying as Zeke involves capturing his composed and calculating demeanor, reflecting his strategic mind and complex motivations. Bringing his Beast Titan form to life, with its imposing size and distinct features, can be a captivating challenge for cosplayers with a flair for creativity. Whether portraying him in his more intellectual moments or showcasing the power and majesty of the Beast Titan, embracing both sides of Zeke’s character offers a multifaceted and intriguing portrayal.

4) Annie Leonhart: Recognized by her blonde hair and distinctive Female Titan form, often seen in her Military Police Brigade attire. Annie’s enigmatic demeanor, piercing blue eyes, and the air of mystery that surrounds her make her a captivating character to cosplay. Portraying Annie involves capturing her stoic expressions, reflecting her reserved nature and her undeniable combat prowess. From her Military Police Brigade uniform to her transformation into the Female Titan, cosplayers can choose to depict different facets of her character. Whether embodying her during her moments of introspection or portraying her intense battles, showcasing both her vulnerabilities and her strengths adds depth to this intriguing portrayal.

5) Hange Zoë: The former Squad Leader of the Survey Corps, recognized by their glasses and disheveled appearance. Hange’s unique character shines through their wild hair, expressive eyes, and unorthodox approach to Titan research. Cosplaying as Hange involves embracing their boundless curiosity, often leading to messy and chaotic situations. Capturing their energetic and eccentric expressions, along with their unwavering dedication to understanding Titans, brings their character to life. Incorporating Hange’s Survey Corps attire, complete with vertical maneuvering gear and gear pouches, adds authenticity to the portrayal. Whether showcasing their infectious enthusiasm for scientific discovery or their more serious moments of leadership, embodying Hange’s complexity can result in a vibrant and dynamic cosplay.