Patrick Bateman Costume Guide

Patrick Bateman Costume Guide

In American PsychoPatrick Bateman seems to be the perfect gentleman. He’s superficially charming, successful, confident and wealthy, but there’s just one little problem… he’s a psychopath, and a serial killer, too!

Originally written as a stereotype of yuppie greed in Manhattan’s Financial District, Patrick isn’t a very sympathetic protagonist, doomed to a pointless existence as he sees it, but what he’s willing to do for the notoriety he desires makes for a thrilling and complicated story.

Don your ruthless corporate look at your next convention with a Patrick Bateman costume of your own!

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American Psycho Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho


Patrick’s hair is glossed-up, dark brown and cut in a stylish business look that gives him both dignity and fashion. To get the same style for your costume, you can dye and style your own hair with thick hair gel, or use a dark brown wig.

Stone-Cold Face:

Patrick often has a blank, confident look on his face as he lives his daily life among others. Nobody would ever guess he’s a murderer! Practice his same stony gaze before going to your next party or convention.

Suit & Tie:

What rich Wall Street investor wouldn’t have an expensive suit? Patrick’s suits are usually very dark, and one of his more memorable ones is black with thin gray vertical pinstripes. He wears matching dark dress pants, a white dress shirt and a bright red necktie.

Look for a long-sleeved dress shirt with thick cuffs like Patrick’s for a more realistic looking appearance.

Make sure your suit is free of wrinkles when you go out – Patrick always has the uncanny ability of looking like he just stepped out of a magazine ad when he’s trying to impress people! If you’re unsure of how to tie a necktie like Patrick’s, check out video tutorials so you can get the hang of it before your next convention.


To complete your costume, get a pair of polished black dress shoes. You can buy these from retail websites and shoe shops. For an extra detail, carry a fake plastic axe with you in one hand, and a pile of paper money in the other.

For the axe, search Halloween stores, party supply stores, costume shops and retail websites. Add a bit of red paint to give it a more authentic appearance!

Rain Coat / Poncho:

In one of the most iconic scenes in American Psycho, Bateman wears a clear plastic poncho to cover his outfit from blood splatter. You can find a clear poncho or raincoat at most retail stores or online.

Business Card:

In another pivotal scene, Bateman creepily obsesses over the design of his business card to impress his fellow coworkers. To really pull off the look, recreate his iconic Pierce & Pierce business card to carry around with you.


Patrick Bateman costume

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