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Punisher Costume Guide

Frank Castle: DIY Cosplay

Are you ready for vengeance? Suit up and get ready to hunt the mob as Punisher’s Frank Castle at your next halloween party or comic con. 

Frank Castle is a former Marine with an extremely dark disposition. After losing his wife and two children to the mob, he’s decided under no uncertain terms to do what he can to eradicate it by any means necessary.

Keep reading to find our high quality costume guide on becoming The Punisher – Frank Castle.


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How to Dress Like Frank Castle from ‘The Punisher’


The Punisher is no-nonsense. He doesn’t have room in his life to worry about frivolous things like his hair. 

He’s got very, very dark brown hair, but you could get away with black. And it’s extremely short on the sides and a bit longer up top. Think a “high and tight” like the guys in the Marine Corps. The easiest way to achieve the look would be styling your own hair, but it’s possible to find a wig online or at a local halloween store. 

Frank Castle’s hair isn’t the most important aspect of his look, and it does tend to be a little fluid, so keep that in mind. You can go with a completely buzzed cut or something slightly longer, and you’ll still be more than passable. 


The most important piece of the Frank Castle uniform is his signature black t-shirt with the iconic white skull. The skull isn’t any old any old skull, so you’ll really want to make sure you nail it. Punisher t-shirts are available online and in retail chains. You could also make a stencil, purchase a plain, black t-shirt, and spray paint the skull onto the shirt. 

Black tactical pants and a long, black trench coat will give you the full Punisher look. The pants can easily be found a military surplus store, and some hardware/tractor supply stores also have black cargo pants. You can also find them at major retail chains, or online. Same for the black trench coat. 


You’ll definitely need a pair of black combat boots. You can find affordable pairs in stores or online, but if you want to spend some real money on a nice pair, they’re definitely out there. 

And then there’s Frank’s weapons. 

He typically carries both a pistol (handgun) and a rifle (long gun, think AR-15). He also has a black, tactical utility belt. The belt can be found online, at an outdoor retail shop, or a military surplus store. You can find toy guns at a toy or halloween store and online. (Make sure to check the rules & guidelines for your convention to ensure you can bring fake weapons.) 

Add a bloody cut below your eye, right on the socket, to look extra tough.