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Two Face Harvey Dent Costume Guide

Harvey Dent Two Face DIY Costume Guide for TDK
Harvey Dent Costume Guide with Two-Face Makeup Tutorial

In Batman lore, Harvey Dent, the District Attorney of Gotham City, becomes the grotesque villain Two-Face after a mobster throws acid in his face rendering him severely disfigured. In The Dark Knight Rises, Dent (played by Aaron Eckhart) is disfigured by an explosion caused by the Joker. After the incident he goes insane and shifts from a life of court-ordered justice to a life of crime. 

Two-Face’s outfit is one of duality, which directly matches his split personality. Half of his face is severely scarred, disfigured, and exposed. In the comics, his suit is half white, half black with white pinstripes. His shoes are black & white wingtip Oxfords. In TDK, his suit is half charred from the explosion.

Check out our DIY costume guide to become Harvey Dent’s fractured alter-ego Two-Face.

Harvey Dent Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Two-Face from The Dark Knight

Becoming Two-Face: 

To achieve the Dark Knight Harvey Dent, you’ll need a prosthetic that covers the left side of your head—not just your face. It will go over your hair to reveal your “flesh” and around your eye and into your mouth around your teeth. If you’re a skilled stage makeup artist you can also recreate this yourself, but the Two-Face prosthetic is also available online. 

This is an excellent SFX makeup tutorial which will help you easily capture the TDK Two-Face look with just some liquid latex and a little effort:

The Dark Knight Two-Face Makeup Tutorial:


The suit is also achievable if you know your way around a sewing machine or know someone who does. You could thrift or buy two suits of the rack—a white one and another that’s black with white pinstripes—and sew them together, including the shirt. This is also available online. Make sure to find a black & white striped tie. 

For the TDK version, get a simple grey business suit with a white dress shirt and a red and burgundy striped tie. Use a charcoal stick to give the suit that charred look on one side:

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You should also find a pair of black & white wingtip Oxford shoes. These would be a steal at a second hand store, but you can easily find them in a costume shop or online. 

Gun & Accessories:

Two-Face carries a revolver and you should carry (a fake one) too. You can find a fake revolver at a Halloween store or online. If you can’t find a fake black pistol, you can purchase a silver one and use matte black spray paint to paint it. 

Double-Sided Coin:

He uses a coin to make all of his decisions—a symptom of his spiral into insanity. Make sure to carry a coin. A larger coin will be a nice touch. And make sure it always comes up heads.