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Squirrel Girl Costume Guide

Squirrel Girl DIY Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween
How to Dress Like Squirrel Girl for Cosplay and Halloween [Photo: wdlee00]

Squirrel Girl: DIY Cosplay

It’s time to get squirley with an offbeat super heroine costume that is sure to be the topic of conversation at any convention or Halloween party. That’s right, a Squirrel Girl costume!

Squirrel Girl was born Doreen Green and for some inexplicable reason ended up growing a prehensile squirrel tail and certain squirrel-like tendency. Her squirrel-like physical features along with an uncanny ability to communicate with squirrels renders her an unlikely superhero with a specific set of skills. She travels with her trusty squirrel sidekick Monkey Joe (and later Tippy Toe after Monkey’s passing). 

Squirrel Girl’s sunny disposition and happy demeanor often cause her comrades not to take her seriously. But her perky personality is one of her very best traits and allows her to sneak under the radar. 

Follow along for a DIY tutorial about how to dress like Squirrel Girl. 

Squirrel Girl Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Squirrel Girl


Every iteration of Squirrel Girl has her billed as a red head. The length of her hair varies by storyline and time period. The two most common ways she has it styled are in a shaggy pixie cut with swooped bangs and in a long, single braid. Both are excellent options. You can either style your own hair or find a wig from a costume shop or halloween store. 


Squirrel Girl has a little bit of an Amelia Earhart look going for her, complete with a bomber jacket. You can play with the colors of this costume a bit, but make sure to keep it to mostly earth tones—squirrels are woodland creatures after all. 

A long sleeve dark brown shirt and dark brown leggings are the base of the costume. Layer a lighter brown leotard or biketard over it. Finish with a brown leather or vegan leather bomber jacket. 


Squirrel Girl’s tail is her absolute most important attribute. If you’re a skilled costumer, you could make the tail to your own specifications of size, color, fluff, etc. If not, there are plenty of pre-fabricated ones online at retailers like Amazon and Etsy. You can also track down a headband with some little squirrel ears, but that’s optional. If you wanted to make that you could make the ears out of felt and/or faux fur. 

She wears a khaki/yellow utility belt around her waist. You could get a proper tactical belt from a military surplus store or use a piece of ribbon and slide on some pouches if you have them. 

A couple of extra touches are faux-fur cuffs to put around your wrists or on the sleeves of the bomber jacket. Acorn earrings or a little stuffed squirrel sidekick are also a cute option. 

A pair of brown combat boots or snow boots will complete the look.