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Captain Marvel Costume Guide

Captain Marvel DIY Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween
How to Dress Like Captain Marvel for Cosplay and Halloween [Photo: wdlee00]

Carol Danvers: DIY Cosplay

Soon to be coming to life on the big screen, Captain Marvel, also known by her name Carol Danvers, is a powerful leader who never lets her ego get in the way of her strong sense of honor and duty. The head of security at NASA, Danvers was exposed to an alien device by accident and was transformed into a cosmic being! Both beautiful and intelligent, Captain Marvel is a great role model.

If you love superheroes and want to don your own secret identity, now’s your chance with a DIY Captain Marvel costume!

See below to learn how to make your own DIY Captain Marvel costume for cosplay or Halloween.

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Captain Marvel Costume Ideas

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Captain Marvel has long light blonde hair flowing down past her shoulders. You can get this look by either dying and styling your own hair or wearing a blonde wig. You can get wigs from most Halloween stores and costume websites. Use photos of the character for extra inspiration.


Captain Marvel wears a dark peach lipstick and has light turquoise eyes. You can buy lipstick from most retail websites and cosmetics counters. You can use colored contact lenses to get the same striking turquoise eyes as Captain Marvel, or skip this step if you’re in a hurry. Remember to read the safety precautions on the contact lenses first!


Captain Marvel wears a dark blue and red leotard with gold accents and a large gold star emblazoned on the front. You can buy costume leotards online from any costume website or Halloween shop, or use spandex fabric to sew your own costume suit.

Alternate Outfit:

With one film version of the character, Captain Marvel wears a black and turquoise bodysuit with silver piping and a silver star on the front. You can follow this more modern style instead by buying a black and turquoise bodysuit online or sewing one yourself. Search Halloween stores and costume websites to see what you can find!


To complete the finishing touches to your Captain Marvel costume, you’ll need a few accessories. Captain Marvel wears red gloves on her hands, a red belt around her waist fastened with a round gold accent and red boots. You can buy boots from any shoe shop or costume website. Search costume websites and retail websites for red gloves, and for the belt, use a red scarf or other red fabric and use a gold brooch or clip to fasten it together. If you’ve decided to wear the alternate outfit of Captain Marvel, you’ll need turquoise boots, gloves and knee pads. Search retail websites, costume websites and Halloween stores for these extra supplies if you’re going down this route.

Get prepared to fully immerse yourself in the life and history of this iconic female superhero by reading up on some Captain Marvel comics or websites or watching the upcoming film trailer! Practice some of her lines and quotes so you’ll be ready for your next upcoming cosplay convention or Halloween scene!