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Vincent Vega Costume Guide

Vincent Vega DIY Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween
How to Dress Like Vincent Vega for Cosplay and Halloween [Photo: billybookcase]

In Tarantino’s classic Pulp Fiction, Vincent Vega is a hitman with a shady and complicated lifestyle, but oftentimes his day-to-day adventures are as comedic and wacky as they are extreme.

Played by John Travolta, Vincent is an associate of gang boss Marsellus Wallace, as well as a friend to characters Mia Wallace and Jules Winnfield, although he gets into plenty of trouble with both of them.

Smooth-talking and nonchalant, Vincent isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, but his life definitely isn’t exactly what he wants for himself.

This is the perfect costume choice for any cosplayer with a love for Tarantino flicks and a passion for a Royale with cheese.

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Vincent Vega Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction


Vincent has slightly greasy-looking dark brown hair in a droopy yet oddly classy style down past his ears, framing his face.

Simple yet memorable, it can be recreated with a cosplay wig, or you can dye and style your natural hair instead. Add a bit of hair oil or gel to give it a more stringy, greasy look to match the character’s.

Use a plastic comb to get rid of any unwanted tangles or puffy spots as well for a more lifelike look to your costume.


Like any well-known fictional assassin, Vincent definitely dresses the part in a mysterious-looking oversized black blazer, black dress pants and plain white dress shirt which buttons up at the front.

He wears the blazer unbuttoned most of the time, most notably while dancing with Mia in the 1950’s-styled Jack Rabbit Slim’s retro diner.

For a more realistic look, iron your clothes so they’ll look more professional, like Vincent’s.


To add a few other details to your Vincent Vega costume, you’ll need some of his accessories. This includes his black bolo necktie, his adrenaline syringe from the scene in the film where he revives Mia from a drug overdose, his pistol gun and his shiny black dress shoes.

Vincent also often wears a plain black fabric necktie, which you can use instead if you prefer.

For the syringe and the pistol, you can purchase prop replicas from costume shops, toy stores and Halloween websites.

Check out shoe stores, retail websites and shopping malls for a pair of black dress shoes like Vincent’s, and put on a pair of black or white socks underneath them.

Lastly, purchase a black leather belt to wear with your dress pants. Check out retail websites to find one.