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10 Important Things You Need To Know About Cosplay

1.      What is cosplay?

if you are a person who is entering the world of anime and comics, we will give you a brief explanation for what is cosplay.

cosplay is an abbreviation derived from the Costume Play, or as a role-playing game, or costume. This activity consists of personifying a character that we like or feel identified. These characters can vary depending on the tastes,

there are fans of comics, anime, series, and games, among others, but what makes this practice so fantastic is that we can vary and not stay with a single idea in particular.

A way that can be achieved with good performance to a character, is implemented the following rules: a rough interpretation of the roles that should be interpreted when reflecting the feeling of the character, costumes and a variety of things that make the result something well done. So much is its popularity that it is considered a cultural community.

However, even though the characters have a physique and characteristics that make them unique, this does not mean that not all of us can do this practice, the important thing is to design things well and have fun when doing this activity.

And cosplay also works, a lot of work. It is very common for cosplayers to make their own costumes. They choose their favorite character, make the design, look for the materials and devote hours and hours to their realization. And it’s a process that can last for months when it comes to especially complicated costumes that require complex techniques. Masquerading as joker character can be relatively straightforward, but crafting the Final Fantasy sagas is a work of art.

2. Where does cosplay happen the first time?

The cosplay phenomenon is much more recent than we thought, it arose over the 1970s in comic markets in the Japanese country, which is held in Odaiba-Tokyo where they began to sponsor the practice, as well as buying and selling… This event continues to be held periodically as it is a very popular meeting. There, groups of Japanese cosplay their favorite characters in sleeves, animes, comics, series, and video games. Thus, this practice has always been closely related to these products, but over the years, it was extended to cross the borders of the country of the Rising Sun and cover other fields to this practice where it is considered a Japanese subculture.

This was how a creative method emerged for young people today, it is also believed that even, this is also considered as a breakdown of the theater since many times those who perform this practice are professionals in theater or areas of performance.

3. What is Cosplayer?

It is considered cosplayer, the person who represents physically and emotionally, a particular character. However, it is not the only thing that represents the cosplayer, but also its ability to design and make a real image of it. This is because many claim that, with good characterization, it does not matter if the physique is not exactly faithful.


Here we will show the best cosplayers, and some of their activities apart from this community.

•        Jessica Nigri:

This cosplayer, is one of the best cosplayers in the world, its representations of the Rogue character of the X-Men.

this is not the only important thing in his great career, but in addition, he is a model of YouTube.

•        Ely Cosplay:

This Taiwanese girl, has earned her title as best cosplay, thanks to the pressure of her details in cosplay. She is more focused on the anime, however, it has earned her to travel almost all over the world.

•        Antony Misiano:

His reputation is due to his incredible representation of the Joker, however, Anthony is considered an excellent actor and director, being one of the most revered by the world of cosplay.

•        Enji Night

This girl is of Hungarian origin. Its popularity is so high that its image represents Nokia in Hungary. The title has also been used to visit certain countries, while it is known for its characterizations of Chung Ling, Super Girl among others.

•        D-Piddy:

This is one of YouTube’s best-known cosplayers, due to its rise to fame for turning conventions into a circus. However, this cosplayer has not seen his face, or at least that gives to know, since most of his characters have partially or completely covered the face.

•        Linda Lee:

American Girl, considered as one of the professional gamers in the world. in addition to having several participations in modeling for video game franchises, making her one of the best-paid girls in the middle.

•        Alodia:

Considered one of the most influential cosplayers in the world.

this girl has earned the respect and admiration of the Philippines, in addition, she is a singer and TV presenter.

•        Meer:

Canadian, apart from deciding to cosplay, is also a renowned voice actor, as well as a television presenter. He has a program where he tests toys.

•        Chiro:

This Italian cosplayer, specializes in characterization with characters like the Prince of Persia among others. In addition to model for magazines.

•        Danquish:

Canadian Cosplayer, He gained his popularity thanks to character characterizations of Mortal Kombat, as well as other fighting characters. It remains active today.

These are some of the most famous cosplayers in the world, here we evaluate their ability to influence and how approximate their characters are. So without a doubt, they are a wonder and the best in their area.

5. cosplay community what is it?

Contrary to what many think, although it is still a strange term, the Cosplay culture is already recognized despite not having much demand in itself. I’ve even considered it a way of life, since most cosplayers live off it.

This is because a lot of these cosplayers invest time and money, and their reward is getting something in return for their work.

This kind of money is usually received by donations from their fans, or from some other company that hires them to promote their products or campaigns. They often use the money to invest in materials and stop paying for trips to conventions, which are often very costly in the long run.

In conventions usually have their own stand, this in order to sell their products. In most cases they sell merchandise consisting of prints from their own photographs; and in such a case they are artists, they usually sell art separately in order to make a living.

Even some cosplayer claim that they spend a lot of money to make their costumes, and that they often even run out of money for other expenses. So, cosplayer artists take their work very seriously, and we should consider it as such.

6. The Biggest 10 Cosplay Conventions in the World:

•                    Otakon

Originally she was a successor to Baltimore, however, in 2017 she moved to Washington DC. It is a large convention, with a lot of assistant, also allows a good development to cosplayers, as well as offers conferences of recognized artists, which highlight voice actors and personalities on the big screen. If you are a fan of anime, as comic this will be your ideal place.

•                    Anime Expo

if you are a big fan of CLAMP, Go Nagai, and other personalities from the world of manga and comic, this will be your ideal place to let you know.

It stands out for its variety and countless products, you may even have to take a whole day to be able to tour the place completely, and that usually falls short.

the fact that there tends to be a lot of crowds and this can be somewhat tedious for some visitors.

•        Anime Boston

This is another convention that has earned the love of all, was created in 2003 and today is still one of the best.

Its attractions include a masquerade ball where cosplayer and other guests can participate, as well as a section of artists and an entertainment center.

•        Sakura-Con

Located in Seattle, it was a convention planned on the basis of residents ‘ demands that they mentioned about comic book conventions did not offer anime parting.

over the years, they began to design a splendid community, so much so, that now offers events, in which stands out: the cosplay Parade, where the best go.

•        Anime Festival Asia

Considered one of the youngest conventions in the world, it is located in Singapore. However, she has known how to position herself in the highest standards of those who visit her, having renowned guests and countless creative events.

•        Salon del Manga Barcelona

Located in Barcelona, it is one of the most popular conventions in the world.

it has also had the participation of the creator of the Fairy Tails manga.

•        Japan Expo

this convention began in 1999 after fifteen years it became one of the most popular in the world.

located in France So much so that it has a total of 120,000 visitors. Other popular conventions include Comiket, Tokyo Anime Fair, Comic-Con.

7.      How To cosplay for beginners :

How to Start Cosplaying for Beginners

In this section he explains briefly about the small aspects that you must follow if you want to have a splendid cosplay.

a series of tips and ideas to make much easier the process of making and creating a cosplay.

•        Choosing the character, you want to play:

This is a key part when it comes to cosplay. It is much more convenient to perform it if you want to have a better result. In its absence, we recommend reviewing well a character that we like to want to play it, as it requires practice and a good development of the costume. Encourage yourself to design something that you’re really passionate about, it’s an interpretation after all.

•        Character photo:

This is vitally important. Because thanks to this we can come up with an approximate of what we want. In addition, it will detail all the characteristics of the character, from clothes, skin color, eyes and hair color. So do not be afraid to do it, as this will be of great help when making such a costume.

•        Utensils:

Something you should consider, after having chosen the character you want, is to place in a list, all the materials you need, regardless of whether you are going to make by traditional method or if you want to purchase it from a particular store.

The important thing is that you have a clear idea of what you need so that, from there, you can start with the next step.

There are two methods you can use to implement a simple way to use your budget. However, you should start with the following: evaluate accurately, how much you have budget, and if you can pay something high, or if you can buy different pieces so you can start the cosplay from scratch.

•        Home method:

This method will allow you to have control of things, and if you are an expert in the area it will be much easier.

We recommend that you buy what you need, such as fabric, then choose to start baking and make adjustments.

•        stores:

On the contrary, if you have enough money; you can choose to buy your costume in the store of your preference.we recommend that you make the method at home, most of the costumes, very good, however, most do not have all the average sizes of it.

•        Wigs:

Something you should consider is that there is nothing better than using a wig to perform a cosplay. There is a wide variety and it is very easy to get. You may have considered the idea of using your own hair, and in some ways you’re right, there’s nothing better than using real hair.

However, this can be tricky when it comes to doing several cosplay at a time, as the hair can grow and also lose color after a few washes. So a good choice is to look for wigs that will be made to real hair and use it.

8. Best cosplay stores:

•        EzCosplay:

Although many do not know her because she is in china. It really is a good option to choose the best clothes.

they have an impeccable trajectory and will have everything ideal for you.

•        Etsy Cosplay:

Another option to start trying out different clothes ideas is this page. It has a variety of spectacular items that make anyone want to buy everything in it.

•        Cosplay:

This page features a variety of costumes. However, what makes it more attractive is its separation by categories, and the options it shows you, plus a good customer-seller relationship.

•        Cosmanles:

A good option is Cosmanles. It has quality products at a good price, plus you can agree on an economical and safe EVIO.

9. Best 10 cosplay girls ideas:

1-Nezuko cosplay from demon slayer:

Nezuko Cosplay Makeup Tutorial Demon Slayer(kimitsu no yaiba)

A good cosplay character option the beautiful �?Kamado Nezuko from demon slayer(kimitsu no yaiba): if you’re a fan of Japanese anime and manga. Nezuko is a beautiful girl who was transformed into a demon and fighting for a while to be human again. He is one of the cutest and strongest characters in demon slayer anime.

if you like this type of characters, Nezuko is an amazing easy cosplay girl idea. It has several accessories that you can make or buy.

2-Nier Automata Yorha 2B cosplay:

If you are a fan of video games and technology, Nier Automata is the right choice. 2B is considered one of the protagonists of the saga and the most popular of the entire franchise. 2B cosplay This would be a good choice for a beautiful girl, thanks to its elegant and strong characterization.

3-spider Gwen cosplay from Spiderman:

Spider gwen cosplay is a wonderful  idea for girls 15-20 years old.

this fantastic character has captivated the hearts of thousands of comic fans, however, spider Gwen has had more demand in the girls audience, being represented by the best women in the geek and cosplay world, so much so that it has become one of the best cosplay girls options for you.

4-Harley Quinn cosplay from Suicid Squad:

Harley Quinn cosplay Makeup | Suicide Squad

We’re all crazy about Harley Quinn from the suicide squad movie. Harley Quinn cosplay makes your costume one of the most popular for comic book lovers worldwide. This irreverent, rude, passionate and beautiful girl is the perfect choice for your Halloween character or Comic-Con.

5-Raven cosplay from titan’s anime:

Raven from titan’s anime is one of the most iconic characters in the comic, so much so that it has been reflected in several adaptations due to its striking characteristics. Raven’s character has a variety of costume versions, so they make it a flexible character to perform, as well as one of the most experienced in the female community. So raven cosplay would be an excellent idea to consider.

7-princess peach cosplay from Mario:

princess peach cosplay girls from Mario

The Little Princess of the mushroom world. This character stands out for its sweetness and its amount of pink that we can imagine, however, we can also play a lot with his designs due to the different adaptations he has obtained over the years. If you are a fanatic of the world of video games princess peach cosplay would be a good option.

8-Hinata cosplay from Naruto Shippuden:

Hinata Hyuga Cosplay Makeup Tutorial Naruto Shippuden

A great idea for an easy cosplay girl could be Hinata Hyuga from Naruto Shippuden anime. Hinata with beautiful byakugan eyes and stands out for the simplicity and sweetness that emanates, however, something that makes a great option, is its characterization.

Hinata cosplay character design could be elaborated without any problem, although we would have to get contact lenses and wig.

9-Mikasa Cosplay from Attack On Titans:

Mikasa Cosplay Makeup Tutorial Attack on Titan

Akerman Mikasa, if you are a fan of the Japanese attack of titan(Shingeki no Kyojin) anime or manga, you should choose to perform this cosplay girl idea. Mikasa is one of the most valued girls characters in the anime world.

If you want a character with strength and determination, while being feminine, Mikasa cosplay will be an amazing idea.

10- Ochaco uraraka Cosplay from Boku No Hero Academia:

Ochaco Uraraka Cosplay Makeup Tutorial My Hero Academia

Boku No Hero Academia has become one of the most acclaimed series in the anime world. This has given rise to several characters both male and female, but one of the most outstanding is Uraraka, a fantastic girl who can control gravity by touching someone or something. If you are a girl fan of My hero academia anime and superheroes, Ochaco uraraka cosplay is a great idea for you.

10. Best 10 Male cosplay ideas :

1-Deku Cosplay from Boku No Hero Academia:

Deku or Midoriya Izuku from  My Hero Academy is an excellent option for male cosplay.

the protagonist of the series that made a journey to be the best hero in the world. If you like Boku no hero academia and superheroes characters, Deku cosplay is your best choice.

2-Joker Cosplay:

The best Character in the world of Batman, The Joker has captivated the hearts of many people. However, we all agree with something, he is one of the most striking characters to perform and one of those who carries more work, be it for makeup and costumes. If you like this character, joker cosplay idea will be a great deal for you .

3-Deadpool Cosplay:

Deadpool Cosplay

If you like the world of comics and black humor, you’ve probably run into Deadpool, a Marvel character. This character can be altered from a thousand different comics cosplay ideas, making it flexible when making an interpretation

4-Tangiro Cosplay from Demon Slayer:

Tanjirou, is the main character of demon slayer(kimitsu no yaiba) anime serie, being one of the most popular nowadays. If you like tanjirou cosplay idea, you can choose to buy the costume in a cosplay store or do it yourself directly. You can buy fabric and make all the accessories in your own way.

5-Goku Cosplay :

Goku costume from Dragon Ball super

Goku(Kakarot) from Dragon ball z anime series is probably one of the most valued characters over the years, so it was not surprising that it was one of the best cosplay ideas of the moment for men. To design the Goku cosplay character, you can choose his traditional clothes, which you can make or just buy. It will definitely look perfect.

6-Elf Cosplay:

Elves are probably the most popular mythical beings because of video games like The Legend of Zelda, or movies like The Lord of the Rings.Elf cosplay idea is usually reflected with medieval period clothes and elongated ears, however, the color of the wigs can vary.

7-Kakachi Cosplay:

Kakachi Cosplay from naruto

Kakashi Hatake was one of the best Masters of Naruto Shippuden anime and as such, it would be a good option to perform his cosplay. All you need is a silver wig, maybe some black pants and a matching shirt. The rest of the accessories you can buy, but it is one of the most economical options to make.

8-Harry Potter Cosplay:

J. K Rowling’s books have captivated the hearts of thousands of young people and adults. That’s why we bring you a wonderful idea to consider, for harry Potter cosplay idea There are several websites that offer the complete kit for a perfect cosplay.

9-Luffy Cosplay from One Piece:

Luffy Cosplay from One Piece

With over 900 episodes, One Piece has become a popular franchise. And its protagonist, Monkey D Luffy, is no exception. This character could be an excellent idea for a cosplay because of its simplicity and economy.

10-Shoto Todoroki Cosplay from Boku No Hero Academia:

Todoroki is Another super character from My Hero Academy anime, Shoto Todoroki cosplay has several costume designs that can be ideal for you plus you do not have to buy all the accessories and make them from scratch .

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