Ace Ventura Costume Guide

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Ace Ventura Costume with Wig

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Ace Ventura Costume: DIY Guide

It’s hard not to adore Ace Ventura, the goofy yet talented pet detective from the film franchise of the same name. When stolen animals go missing, you know who to call! In the original 1994 film, Ace was hired to track down an abducted dolphin named Snowflake – the mascot for the Miami Dolphins. With his flamboyant clothes, infectious smile and love of all creatures great and small, Ace Ventura has endured as one of Jim Carey’s most popular characters.

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Ace Ventura costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Ace Ventura Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Ace Ventura


Ace Ventura’s hairstyle is iconic. A dark brown pompadour styled wildly to the side is instantly recognizable as the pet detective’s wild do. You can nail this wacky style for your costume yourself with either hair gel and hairspray or a dark brown wig. You will need some strong hold hair gel and hair spray to keep the look going all night long!


If you’re going to be Ace at your next Halloween event or cosplay convention, you’ll need a big ugly Hawaiian t-shirt, a white undershirt and a bright pair of baggy red or yellow plaid pants. You can hit your favorite mall, online retail store or fashion website for all the fixings to this ensemble.

Look for a pair of flannel pajama pants and go with the most crazy-looking tropical tourist shirt you can find! Ace’s shirt has blue oceans and flowers in a pattern all over the lightweight fabric, and he keeps it unbuttoned most of the time. For the undershirt, any white t-shirt or cotton tank top will do.

Shoes and Accessories:

To really seal the deal on your Ace costume, you’ll need a pair of black high-top sneakers. Shop online or at your local shoe store to find a pair you like. Leave the tongue and laces loose on them to pull off that nonchalant Ace style!

For an extra dash of authenticity, put your home printer to good use and print out a replica Ace Venture detective license and glue it to thick card-stock so you can carry it around with you.

Check around on Google Images or any other image-sharing website of your choice for an idea of what Ace’s license looks like, or use colored markers to draw your own. You can buy card-stock and markers from many websites such as Amazon, or search your local craft store.

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