Agent 47 Hitman Costume Guide

Hitman3 Agent 47 Cosplay Costume

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Agent 47 Hitman Costume Guide

In the thrilling and shocking assassin video game series Hitman (also adapted into a film), Agent 47 is a highly skilled contract killer, discreet, quiet and careful to leave no trace behind. With that kind of cold-blooded power though comes a life full of peril and mayhem. Agent 47 is a clone with genetically-enhanced DNA, but despite his hard-as-nails demeanor, in the game he’s revealed to have a soft spot, too. He took care of his beloved pet mouse, a sign that he has a shred of humanity not expected in his line of work. What better costume to make a killing with at your next convention or Halloween party than an Agent 47 costume?

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Agent 47’s Hitman costume for cosplay or Halloween.

How to Dress Like Agent 47 from ‘Hitman’

Hitman3 Agent 47 Cosplay Costume

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Agent 47 Costume Ideas


Agent 47 is instantly recognizable by his bald head. To achieve this look, you can buy a bald cap or wig cover at a Halloween store or online website. He also has a pale, stony face with narrow, cold slate-blue eyes – basically what you’d expect from an assassin.

To get this look you can use pale face foundation and light blue colored contact lenses, but make sure to read the safety precautions on non-prescription colored contacts first.


Agent 47 has never been a sloppy assassin, and he’s no sloppy dresser either, preferring sophisticated formal attire instead of jeans and t-shirts. He wears a sleek black blazer over a buttoned-down white dress shirt and pressed black pants.

You can find these items at most costume shops, corporate business fashion stores and online clothing stores. Make sure to press the suit before wearing it out so they look as classy as they do in the games and film!


To complete Agent 47’s attire, you’ll need a dark red skinny necktie (avoid bright red because Agent 47 doesn’t like to stand out!) and black shoes. You can locate these items on internet clothing websites and costume shops, or your local tailor shop and shoe store.

You can also sew your own necktie using scrap cloth or find a dark red necktie at your local thrift store or goodwill. Browse the internet and use photos or screenshots of Agent 47 as your inspiration for planning your costume.

Head Tattoo:

Because Agent 47 was genetically manufactured, he has a bar code tattoo on the back of his head with his own little serial number: “640509-040147”. You can draw this on yourself with a black washable marker, or purchase a temporary tattoo of Agent 47’s bar code online.

Many online stores including Etsy, eBay and Amazon carry these for sale, and to remove them after your convention or party is over, all you need is rubbing alcohol and a washcloth.

You can also use a Halloween makeup crayon – look for a black one that washes off, but one that is strong enough to not smudge or rub away for the duration of your costume event. Get a friend or family member to help you out if need be.

About Agent 47 Hitman


Do you know whats makes you weak ? You wanting to prove that you are better than me.

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