Agent Peggy Carter Costume Guide

Marvel Captain America Peggy Carter Cosplay Costume

Marvel Captain America Peggy Carter Cosplay Costume

Agent Peggy Carter Costume Guide

Agent Peggy Carter Costume: DIY Guide

In the Marvel Comics universe, Margaret “Peggy” Carter was one of the agents of Strategic-Scientific Reserve (S.S.R) which was a precursor of S.H.I.E.L.D. During World War II, she played an important role in fighting the secret Nazi organization Hydra who were developing super weapons. She was responsible in saving Prof. Abraham Erskine whose work led to creation of super human soldiers. And she was also a love interest of Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America. She partnered with Howard Stark to create a peace keeping organization that would eventually become S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Peggy Carter Look

Peggy Carter has brown eyes and hair which she wears in a style that was common in the 1940s. She usually appears in two prominent outfits: her military uniform and a casual blue dress, both of which consist of a blouse shirt and a woolen collar jacket matched with a pencil skirt. Because of her military background, her sense of style is very clean and utilitarian in keeping with the toned down look of the WWII era.

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Agent Peggy Carter Costume Ideas

Being a woman from the 40s, she dresses according to the fashion styles of those times. It should be fairly easy for cosplayers to make an Agent Peggy costume for themselves. The following guide will help you out


Cosplayers have two choices when making an Agent Carter costume – her military uniform or her casual civilian wear. Her military uniform consists of a white silky blouse shirt over which she wears a brown woolen military jacket that has golden buttons and two golden symbols on each lapel. She matches those with a brown skirt. She uses two brown belts. One goes around the waist of the skirt to hold it tight and another one goes over the jacket which is made of cloth fabric. When hopping into action, Peggy sometimes wears a dark brown leather jacket.

Another way to get the vintage look of Agent Carter is to find a blue outfit that is similar to the one she wears when she is under cover. You will need a similar white silky blouse shirt for this outfit. You can then pair that up with a woolen dark-blue colored jacket with black button and same color skirt. She completes this look with a red fedora hat.

Peggy Carter Hair & Makeup Tutorial:


Carter has dark brown curly hair which falls just below her shoulders. She parts her hair on the right. If you don’t have a similar hairstyle, a good authentic wig can do the trick.

Otherwise, you can use hair roller to add curls to your natural hair. You can typically get some good curls in under a few hours. After this process, use a teasing comb and a freezing hairspray to style a hair wave like hers and hold it in place. You can use bobby pins to hold down the front wave. Afterwards, brush under the curls into each other to form a more uniform curl. Do this all the way around the back. Apply one final touch of hairspray at the end.

Makeup: Being from 50s and 60s, Peggy uses heavy makeup which was common at the time. Using foundation and primers, get an even skin tone. With the help of contour eyeshadow shade, give a simple touch to your cheekbones and nose to make them look more prominent. Use a red velvet lipstick to give a blood red color to your lips. You should also use a shiny red nail polish to get the authentic appearance.


Match your dress with a pair of round toe black Mary Jane pumps.


Dedicated cosplayers should use a small semi-auto air pistol to get that detective chic. Peggy carter also carries a red hand bag when wearing the blue outfit.

About Agent Peggy Carter


What kind of thing is that, Agent Thompson? The alphabet? I can teach you. Let’s start with words beginning with “A”

Agent Peggy Carter in Action