Dress Like Anbu Black Ops Costume

Final Fantasy XIV FF14 Spring Dress Miqo'te Cosplay Costume

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Naruto is a legacy. It’s given us so much. Anbu made the story all the interesting. The Anbu Black Ops costume is a treat for the fans.

Anbu Black Ops costume:

Final Fantasy XIV FF14 Spring Dress Miqo'te Cosplay Costume

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The Anbu Black Ops cosplay outfit is one of a kind. It brings in the original feel of the show. And it has this mysterious look to it. It makes it all the more appealing.

It’s perfect for cosplay parties since it has that aura about it. Moreover, the conventions are always a big go. A big yes when it comes to Naruto stuff.


Here we have the Anbu suit from Naruto. It features:

  • The same white with the black underneath that made it such a hit.
  • The gloves that make sure you don’t leave any prints anywhere.
  • The elastic pants that teach you all there is to a ninja.
  • The gauntlets that make it all the better.
9Expert Score

Review:Anbu costume has always been a hit. Whether it’s Kakashi’s one or Itachi’s one, it’s a banger. You get a lot for what you’re paying for. Plus, it looks like it’ll go with almost anything. It makes this deal a great one.



  • A lot of stuff.
  • Copied perfectly.


  • No mask or wig.


If you’re someone who was a fan of Anbu black ops then look no further. We’ve got just the thing for you. This Anbu cosplay cloth is your thing.

It’d make the convention or expo light up. A lot of people would come up to you for a picture. I mean that’s a given since it’s such a hot thing. Also, you’ll be running into a lot of Naruto characters. Better be ready for that.

It’s a lot for the price you’re paying. You only miss out on the wig and the mask. I think that’s okay since everything else is here. It’s great quality as well. I can’t see why this deal would be anything less than being ‘perfect’. Get your hands on one of these. You definitely won’t regret it.

Anbu Mask:

You need the mask. That’s how the Anbu cosplay costume becomes complete after all. Also, it brings the best out of the outfit. You’ll be a member of the Anbu black ops right away. It captures the look in the most perfect way possible. That’s just the magic of the mask. Make sure you get everything. It’ll be the best cosplay out there.

Anbu Black Ops Story:

Everyone knows about them, right? Yes. Comprising of the best shinobi out there, Anbu is a name. A name you should fear. Dispatched by the village leaders, they make sure there are no loose ends. You can’t join the organization unless you are 13 years old. Well except Itachi who was 11 and we all know how capable he was.

Assassination isn’t all they’re capable of. Infiltration, interrogation, surveillance, patrolling, you name it. These band of the best the world of ninja has to offer are too much. They have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves. With the mask to conceal their identities, you won’t know. Won’t be aware of who’s the one behind that face. And all the masks are different. They sure are smart now aren’t they?

Anbu cosplay:

Make sure you try the mask beforehand; it’d make any kind of adjustments easier. Also, it’ll make you achieve a closer look to the original. Everything must be in its perfect place. It’ll make the Anbu cosplay costume all the better.

Also try to do those hand signs and signature poses. The pictures would be exactly like the anime. Make sure you run into some other characters. It’d be like Naruto playing in real life. A perfect memory for any fan out there.

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