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Atari Kobayashi Costume Guide

Atari Kobayashi Costume Guide for Cosplay & Halloween

Atari Kobayashi: DIY Cosplay

Also known by the affectionate nickname “Little Pilot”, Atari Kobayashi is a main character from the wacky Wes Anderson film ‘Isle of Dogs’. A young Japanese orphan whose corrupt uncle has banished all the country’s dogs to a polluted island, Atari is seeking his own beloved guard dog, Spots, who was also banished as well. Spots and the other dogs of Trash Island, including Chief and Nutmeg, want to help Atari repair his uncle’s damage and prove that dogs aren’t dangerous.

Isle of Dogs was just released this year, so you’re just in time to create an Atari costume of your own to celebrate this wild adventure!

See below to make your own DIY Atari Kobayashi costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Atari Kobayashi Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Atari Kobayashi from ‘Isle of Dogs’


Atari has fuzzy black hair in a short cut which he often covers with his silver space helmet. You can get this hairstyle yourself either by dying and cutting your own hair or wearing a black wig.


Atari has bruises on one side of his face, freckles under one black eye and very pallid skin. To achieve a similar style, you can use face makeup, eye shadow and concealer cream to get the right appearance.


Atari wears a silver space suit made of thick insulating material with a red pilot logo embroidered on the right side.

Search for red pilot wing patches to sew onto your costume online, or use red acrylic paint to make your own.


Atari wears a silver helmet on his head with a clear screen protecting his eyes and an antenna sticking out on the right side. He also wears a white earpiece and accompanying mouthpiece for making voice commands.

Search shoe shops for a pair of black boots like Atari’s, and finally visit your local toy store or favorite retail website to find a yellow slingshot. Atari always has it on-hand when he’s with his doggy pals.

Man’s Best Friend:

No Atari costume would be complete without a dog at his side! As a brave underdog fighting corruption himself, Atari wants his banished friends to be welcomed back to his dystopic city of Megasaki forever.

Purchase a stuffed toy dog that resembles one of the canine characters on Isle of Dogs like Spots, Nutmeg or Chief to carry with you. You can buy stuffed animals from any toy store or retail website.

Get your friends to dress up as other Isle of Dogs characters like Tracy Walker, Yoko Ono and Kenji Kobayashi so you can bring Isle of Dogs to your next Halloween scene or cosplay event!