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Beavis Costume Guide

Beavis Costume DIY Guide for Cosplay & Halloween

Beavis Costume: DIY Guide

Beavis is the nerdier half of MTV’s 90’s classic duo Beavis & Butt-Head. A teenager who’s more of a follower than a leader, Beavis is a high school student whose daily life consists of strange antics, immersing himself in pop culture, saying vulgar phrases and doing whatever Butthead tells him to do.

Beavis is an easy and fun cosplay option for fans of the classic MTV show, including his iconic Metallica t-shirt and blonde poof hairdo.

Read below for more details about the Beavis DIY costume for cosplay and Halloween.

Beavis Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Beavis

Beavis has a big poof of blonde hair in an unruly new wave style. You can either style your own hair in a similar look, or you can purchase a blonde wig from any Halloween store or costume website and use styling products to get Beavis’s signature look.

Beavis has two very recognizable facial features: one is his squiggly eyebrows angled downwards towards his nose, which you can recreate for your costume with a black eyebrow pencil. The other is his massive underbite which shows off his ugly smile.

Practice some of Beavis’s facial expressions in the mirror to nail down the right look before your party or cosplay con.

It’s no surprise that as a typical 90s era American teen, Beavis would dress like one with his baggy blue Metallica t-shirt, his faded gray summer shorts and his hiked-up white sports socks.

Buy a Metallica t-shirt or use a plain blue t-shirt and some black fabric paint to create your own.

Search retail websites and shopping malls for a decent pair of shorts, and for the socks, you can use any high-topped pair of white socks you can find.

Beavis wears plain black sneakers, which you can pick up at any local shoe shop or retail website. Beavis is also a music fan, especially in one memorable scene where he admires a Bon Jovi video, so pick up some 90’s cassette tapes or CD’s of some of Beavis’s favorite tunes to carry with you.

Beavis has an alter-ego which appears whenever he drinks too much caffeine. He pulls his shirt up over his head, speaks with a funny accent and shouts mixed-up and crass phrases as he runs around like a maniac. He calls his alter-ego Cornholio.

For an extra step in your costume, you can pull your shirt up over your head and practice moving around the way Beavis does when he’s on a caffeine high!

Get a friend to dress up as Beavis’s best friend Butthead so you can both attend your latest cosplay event together!

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I am the Great Cornholio, I need T.P. for my bunghole

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