Best 10 Jojo Cosplay Costumes: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Outfits Guide

JOJO WORLD 2 Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli Cosplay Costume

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Best 10 Jojo Cosplay Costumes: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Outfits Guide

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a Manga and anime series. Jojo’s story surrounds adventure, comedy, action, mystery, horror, and tragedy. Due to its fame, it became one of the world’s best-selling anime series in history. And here we show you different Jojo cosplay costumes ideas.

1. Kujo Jotaro Cosplay Costume :

JOJO WORLD 2 Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli Cosplay Costume

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JOJO WORLD 2 Rohan Kishibe Cosplay Costume

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JOJO WORLD 2 Jonathan Joestar Cosplay Costume

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One of the most badass JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure characters to ever exist right here. Jotaro is the definition of swag, living ahead of his time and people all the time in the anime. The Kujo Jotaro cosplay costume is replicated perfectly from the anime. I love the fact of how even the slightest of details are copied perfectly. This makes up and delivers the perfect experience. As if the character has been brought into real life. Only Doraemon’s anywhere door can make that happen. Kujo Jotaro! Get that cat. The dope chain from the anime comes along with it saving you the effort to look for one.

That’s quite a hassle you know, that chain is one of a kind in it’s all means. That ‘kids belt’ which makes almost the perfect accessory to go by it comes along as well. A complete package now isn’t it. That hat that has the person overcome with fear every time they look at it. Kujo Jotaro outfit has it all, from head to toe. Perfection at it’s best. Kujo Jotaro’s costume is the definition of his words, the catchphrase, ‘Yare yare da ze’. Perfect to go to conventions or expos as a Jotaro Kujo cosplay introducing the whole world to the Jojo swag.


2. Giorno Giovanna Cosplay Costume:

Man golden wind was a blast. It showed us that Dio isn’t necessary to make the internet go wild with all kinds of Jojo memes. My whole feed was filled with references, clips, memes, you name it. During the whole runtime of the show, there was not one day I wasn’t reminded of it.

Giorno Giovanna is the new hot cake in town right after Jotaro retired.
He doesn’t lack anything and even surpasses the previous protagonists in some ways. Do mind the fact that he’s only 14. Yes, you heard me right, he’s 14. Jojo universe is really unpredictable now, isn’t it? But this Giorno cosplay is the best one I’ve seen so far.

Giovanna Black Costume:

It features Giorno Giovanna outfit from the anime, the very end of the anime to be exact. From the part when it’s all over and things take a new start. Do not let the color or the accessories fool you if you’re a newbie. A newbie in that sense that you just watched a few episodes and are fanning all over the character. Remember, ‘It’s not over till it’s over’.

So never predict or jump to conclusions. Life lessons my boy. The pink and blue color even in the anime showed a new Giorno Giovanna costume that made the previous one look pretty bland. Don’t get me wrong, the pink one is amazing in its own place. But black is a color that stands above all. The ladybugs are replicated in the perfect sense and look to be in the perfect place as well. I love the fact of how that cut heart is exactly like it was in the anime since it looked pretty hard to come by. But it’s done and it’s here. All in one place, ready for you to grab and wear it.

3. Dio Brando Cosplay Costume:

Who doesn’t like Dio? No one. Literally no one. Despite all that he’s done and all the people that he’s killed, he isn’t hateful at all. I think we’re all struck by that Egyptian arrow, making us turn a blind eye. A blind eye to each and every sin he’s committed. From the start, Dio Brando has had different sides to him. As the story progressed, he kept getting more and more complex.

Things kept piling up to make the tower named Dio stand above all. This Dio cosplay costume is from the late Stardust Crusaders anime. A bunch of Japanese schoolboys and a grandpa with his Arabic friend hunting a British Vampire. In Egypt that is as well. Already a lot of newbies love the plot. The yellow color is here and goes well, blending in the perfect way with his yellow hair.

I love the fact of how it comes with those gold forearm guards cause they made a huge part of the character. The only thing that made me turn my eyes from those was that famous vehicle scene. Damn that was sick. It comes with the things, all of them at that as well that makeup Dio.
Dio Brando costume includes all the accessories as well. This saves a lot of time and effort that would’ve been needed to collect and come up with everything. Dio Brando cosplay is one of the hot picks and would make you stand out at the convention for sure.

4. Joseph Joestar Cosplay Costume:

The most carefree person to ever set foot in the Jojo universe is here. I love the fact that he was so happy to go lucky, never minding or thinking about anything at all. But he cared deeply and was considerate entirely for his comrades for that is shown later. Later in the show with Caeser.
The colors are replicated perfectly from the anime and give that last century look. That old look makes you a vintage wine bottle from the get-go, attracting all sorts of attention. In the Joseph Joestar cosplay costume, even the scarf or muffler whatever you call it is perfect. It’s so close to the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime version that the resemblance is almost uncanny at this point.

The green and yellow in that go well in each other, hand in hand to wonderland while strangling you. The brown that’s not completely like chocolate but like sand goes well with the yellow.
As if gold is lying on top of the desert sand. The Joseph Joestar outfit comes with everything even the add ons that made the outfit special. Made it unique in the first place. It’s a perfect treat for all the Jojo fans. Those in particular who thought that Joseph was the goat of the series. Even after the introduction of the new characters since there are a multitude of stars in the Jojo universe.

5. Josuke Cosplay Costume:

Diamond is unbreakable fans, gather here everyone. Gather, for I’m about to show you a sight you won’t be forgetting for long. Might as well start a war right here among all of you. I’m just kidding. This is the hardest Jojo cosplay in the whole Jojo universe, Josuke cosplay that is. You know why? It’s the hair. The damn hair look impossible let alone difficult to pull off. How can anyone’s hair be like that? It’s unfair literally.

Enough of my tantrum, let’s check out the Josuke costume. It captures the purple, the violet theme that was all over the character in the anime, perfectly. That color was really bright in the anime as well and made a huge part of his gleaming personality. They’re literally stars, all of them. The whole lineage is something else. I love the fact that in the Josuke outfit, even those signs are done well and have captured the character in it’s truest sense and meaning. It looks like a school uniform at first which it is as well since he’s a school kid in the anime. Japanese school uniforms are so cool.

The yellow and gold colors that made the purple not the least bit fazed are there as well and all go hand in hand. Hand in hand running all over you. Josuke outfit is made really well and is a must-buy for all the fans. Those fans in particular who think that Diamond is Unbreakable is the best part. Yoshikage Kira fanboys in particular.

6. Mista cosplay costume:

The best thing about the Golden wind was also that it introduced a whole new gang. The Naples mafia that included all sorts of characters. It made really hard to choose a single favorite but still we made through. A lot of people have Mista as their favorite character since he captured that mafia sense in its perfection.
Those pistols made a huge contribution in that respect. His stand was the most unique to date when it came to the ‘hero’ side of the story. Right here, the Mista cosplay costume captures the mafia and bad boy image from the anime perfect well. That hat looked difficult to manage and come up with but still, there are a lot of creative people. People who can make anything happen. That cross in the middle of the hat is replicated really well.

This makes the hat convey the exact image it did back in the anime. Those cross lines that go on a trip all around the Mista outfit look pretty symmetrical and incoordination. It gives the message, the message that the Mista attire is made really well. Even his pants have those lines, different ones at that as well. Originality at it’s finest all over the place. It’s perfect to pick up a BB gun and go dressed up in a Mista cosplay. You’ll scare the thugs in no time for sure.

7. Narancia cosplay costume:

Ghirga Narancia It’s that character in anime that we can’t help but to love. His interactions with Fugo are so hilarious. This adds up another genre when it comes to Jojo. That being a comedy of course. But deep down he’s got his values and morals all right and well which makes him a good human being.

A perfect companion to have as well. Narancia outfit was pretty unique as well making viewers question a lot of stuff. From the moment he was introduced all people were thinking about how to come up with something like that. Here’s the solution right here my friends. The blue and orange go well with each other just like they went hand in hand in the anime. The best thing about the Narancia cosplay is that it’s really something completely different from all the characters that’ve set foot in the anime universe. From the beginning that is as well.

The top of the Narancia costume looks something completely out of this world for sure. The forearm guards here are replicated in the very sense they manifested and conveyed in the anime. This adds up to the many things that make the Narancia attire complete and perfect right here. The orange with those white blocks on it is like icing on top of an orange cake. I love the fact of how that glistening appearance, that plastic look is still here that was descriptive of the character in the anime as well.

8. Bruno Bucciarati Cosplay Suit

Bucciarati is one of those characters. Those characters you wish were the protagonist but there’s this thing called plot armor. Wait, wait, no flame at Giorno by any means. He’s my boy for sure. Again with Giorno cosplay, Bucciarati costume doesn’t disappoint even by a bit. That heart again is copied perfectly making us wonder how these guys come up with such bizzare designs. Even in real life at that as well. The whole show keeps up the word and the sense in the complete manner. ‘Bizzare’ that is. It looks like an oreo cookie but the cream overflowing the biscuit.
You sure can see a scene like that if you visit the Oreo factory.

I’m sure they have a lot of cream with those biscuits floating on top of them. Bucciarati outfit is a lot like that. It’s great how the accessories are copied perfectly from the show as well. It’s a hot pick and a good choice to dress up into a convention. Bucciarati cosplay costume is sure to make you look like a mob head even though he wasn’t in the anime. I assure you that everything will go your way. Just don’t lick anyone like he did to Giorno. I can see a lot of trouble that way.

9. Leone Abbacchio Costume:

I know that to give depth to the story, you have to take some big steps. But this was a little overboard in my opinion. From the beginning he was that wise character, not trusting Giorno even a bit. He even told him to turn around while he was doing that work with Moody Blues. His stand that is. But later on, things didn’t go well.

The Jojo anime didn’t do him good damn. But all of that still doesn’t change the fact of how cool the Abbachio cosplay is. The Abbachio outfit looks like a suit and a funky one at that as well. Those strings give it a different vintage look that brings the meaning, the meaning in the Jojo anime in real life. A looks like Avengers. So it’s like killing two birds with one stone. Jojo and Avengers done in a single outfit. Abbachio cosplay suit works wonders now, doesn’t it? The black and violet, both being bright and gleaming in their own place, go well with each other.

They get along with each other in a way that no one outshines or outdo the other one in the very least. It’s sure to draw you a lot of attention since the Abbachio costume is really hot right now. I can already see a lot of people coming up to pay homage to you. A mafia henchman in no time. Abbachio costume is all that to award for all this.

10. Noriaki Kakyoin Outfit:

It’s the 400 IQ guy in the Jojo universe. From the moment he was introduced, he looked at the definition of the word genius. He doesn’t disappoint at all as the show goes on at all. Jotaro and Kakyoin have completely different outfits despite the fact that both go to the same school. I’m sure Jotaro’s the one to blame since he’s the delinquent from the beginning. Noriaki Kakyoin cosplay right here is done perfectly, bringing elements people imagined only in the anime to life.

The green color exemplifies his stand, Hierophant green in its perfect sense. It’s perfect to dress up in and go to a convention or expo in the Kakyoin outfit. Fun fact, you in Kakyoin cosplay can also act out that famous scene, lero lero lero in real life. All you need is a candy which I’m sure you can procure there at the convention. The details are copied perfectly and it looks as if his uniform has made its way to the afterlife since it’s out of the TV. That pink hair and the green uniform of the Kakyoin costume would go perfect with each other for sure.

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