Best 5 Gift Ideas For Cosplayers

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Best 5 Gift Ideas For Cosplayers

I think you’re struggling not only to come up with gift ideas for others but also in creating a wishlist for yourself. Whether you are a cosplayer looking for ideas for yourself, or a loved one looking for ideas for the cosplayer in your life, I hope this list helps get the gift-giving ideas flowing!

1. Classes:

Help your cosplayer expand their skill set and learn new techniques. Determine what kind of classes might be appropriate based on areas of interest, skill sets, skill level, and class availability.

– Cosplay Classes: These may not be available in all areas, but I know that Salt Lake Comic Con offers cosplay classes in conjunction with a local art studio, so if you live in a metro area, it might be worth a search.

– Sewing Classes: This is the areas I hear most cosplayers say they wish they were better at. For a cosplayer who is new to sewing, a 101 level class can take their cosplays to the next level, for more advanced sewers try looking for classes such as pattern making or other advanced techniques.

–  General Art: Although they may not apply directly to cosplay, classes like painting or sculpting can be hugely helpful.

– Other: Don’t be afraid to search for other classes in your area. Theatre groups might offer a special effects makeup course, local companies might offer classes on working with foam, wood, or plastics. Doing a bit of research might result in a unique and really cool gift!

– Online Classes: Although a lot of techniques are best taught in person, certain classes may not be available in your area. Sites like offer online courses led by experts.

2. Gift Sets:

This the season for gift sets everywhere. These make great gifts for cosplayers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed “just a little” of something for a costume, and a gift set provided me with a solution.

– Makeup: Available almost anywhere this time of year. Walmart, Target, Ulta, Sephora. Cosplayers often need a wide variety of “weird” colors like dark green or electric blue. For a cosplayer who does not wear makeup often or at all outside of cosplay, an all-inclusive set with eyeshadows, lip colors, blush, bronzer, etc might be an ideal gift.

– Sewing: You can often find sewing kits with a variety of pins and needles, a kit with an assortment of different threads, or even a pack of assorted scissors.

– Art: So often in cosplay, I’ve needed just a small amount of a certain paint or a brush that I can trash. Art kits with acrylic paints are perfect for these kinds of things.

3. Organization/ Storage:

This is another category that will depend on your particular situation. Determine what sort of items might be useful, depending on your cosplayer’s current set-up and space availability.

– Shelves: Perfect for a cosplayer that has a large storage space, but not necessarily a closet or shelf space. Big industrial shelves might be ideal for a garage or basement space, whereas closet organizers might work well for someone who’s limited to spare closet space.

– Drawers: Small, shallow drawers (like for scrapbook organization) are great for someone with lots of small items, like sewing or art supplies. Big, deep drawers are better for storing larger supplies, such as fabrics, props, even wigs.

– Large Storage Bins: Perfect for storing entire costumes. Great for someone who had basement space or a large closet for storage.

– Rolling Clothing Racks: If your cosplayer is lucky enough to have a designated craft room, they may prefer to hang certain costumes instead of folding them. Perfect for someone with a wide-open space, but a shortage of closet or wardrobe space.

4. Tools:

A few general ideas. Keep in mind that even if your cosplayer already has a tool, sometimes an upgrade is appreciated.

– Sewers: a sewing machine, a serger or embroidery machine, scissors, a rotary cutter, a cutting mat, a dress form

– Other Tools: a general tool kit (hammer, screwdriver, etc), x-acto knives, a cutting mat, a heat gun, a hot glue gun, an airbrush, a variety of brushes

5. Gift Cards:

This category may seem a little obvious, but trust me, money for supplies is always very appreciated.

– Craft Supplies: Michael’s, Jo-Ann’s, Hobby Lobby,, etc…

– Cosplay Supplies:,

– General: a Visa or AMEX general gift card,,

– Tickets to your cosplayer’s favorite or local convention

Black Clover Zora Ideale Red Cosplay Wig

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Black Clover Zora Ideale Cosplay Costume

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