Best of Anime Expo 2017 Cosplay

Anime Expo 2017 Cosplay

Anime Expo 2017 is here and Los Angeles is teeming with some of the best anime cosplayers in the world! The Anime Expo has long been a haven for professional and amateur cosplayers alike and this year is no exception. Held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Anime Expo features several events for cosplayers, including the Masquerade presented by We Are X where attendees can show off their amazing cosplay costumes to win awesome prizes. Anime Expo 2017 will also host the World Cosplay Summit which brings together cosplayers from around the world. See details here.

Cosplayers won’t have to worry about busting their props this year as the convention floor will feature a repair station where veteran cosmakers will help repair damaged costume with everything from sewing supplies, wig replacements, glue and more!

We will update this post with some of the best cosplayers found at Anime Expo 2017 so check back soon and often.

Go Go Anime Expo 2017 Cosplay!

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#1 Princess Mononoke Cosplay at Anime Expo

#2 Wakka from Final Fantasy X

#8 Princess Zelda Cosplay at Anime Expo

#9 Kakashi Cosplay at Anime Expo

#16 Elise Fire Emblem Cosplay

#20 Ash Ketchum Selfie with Pikachu at Anime Expo

#21 Fun Group Cosplay at Anime Expo

#22 Power Puff Girls Cosplay at AX2017

#25 Kanna Kamui Cosplay at AX 2017

#29 Monster Hunters Cosplay