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Borat Costume Guide

Borat Sagdiyev: DIY Cosplay Guide

Borat make cosplay for benefit of glorious nation of Kazakhstan. Very nice!

Borat Sagdiyev is one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s most memorable characters on Da Ali G Show and star of the 2006 live-action film which made Borat a household name. He is Kazakhstan’s foreign corespondent, but unfortunately not very good at his job, making blatantly offensive statements which cause a great deal of misunderstanding and worry for the people watching him, from mocking an obese quail hunter during an interview to belittling his own wife.

Wearing a Borat costume is sure to earn a lot of laughs at your next convention or Halloween party. Learn how to dress up as the wacky Kazakh journalist with our DIY Borat costume guide.

Borat Costume Ideas

Borat Wig and Mustache

Function: Perfect for Halloween wig, concerts, theme parties, weddings, dating, and any other occasion

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Borat


Borat has messy-looking curly black hair and a very large black mustache over his upper lip. You can dye and style your own hair to get this look, or wear a wig.

For Borat’s bushy mustache, either grow out your own or purchase a fake stick-on costume mustache from a Halloween store or party supply shop.


Borat is often seen wearing a grey suit with a darker teal dress shirt underneath. With this professional attire, he also wears a long pale yellow necktie. You can purchase similar clothing at a retail store or vintage clothing store.


One of the most memorable scenes from the film occurs when Borat wears a bright neon green “mankini”- the male variation of slingshot bikini. If you are feeling especially brave, you can purchase one of these eye-popping thong swimsuits on sites like Amazon.


Borat carries a large brown overstuffed briefcase. He also wears polished black formal dress shoes. He also often carries a little paper American flag similar to the type given out during Independence Day.

For the briefcase, you can visit online retail websites and office supply shops to find the right type. His briefcase is made of brown leather and cut almost like a duffel bag.

You can purchase dress shoes at most shoe stores, clothing outlets, shopping malls and retail websites. Pick up a canister of black boot polish to give your shoes a glossier look.

To top off your costume, purchase a little paper American flag to carry with you and wave around.


About Borat


May George Bush drink the blood of every man woman and child in Iraq!

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