Bowser Costume Cosplay Guide

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Bowser Costume Cosplay Guide

Bowser, the first-ever villain we encountered. This makes the Bowser costume all the more special. From the pixelated Super Mario Days to getting all Gucci with the switch. One word, Technology.

Adult Bowser Costume:

Fable II Sparrow Hero of Bower Lake Cosplay Accessory Prop

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

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Actual colors may vary slightly from the images due to lighting and monitor resolution changes.

This is the bowser that we were introduced with first. Even if you picked up the games later on, he was the first one. He has that sinister look that says, I’m up to no good at all.

This makes his character how it is.

The adult Bowser costume is a perfect pick for any occasion. Whether it be a convention or an expo, it’s got you covered. It brings the Super Mario to feel here in the real world. All that for you to witness, for you to experience on your own. The Bowser cosplay outfit has a lot to it.


Here we have the exact adult Bowser shell costume attire from the video game. The video game that’s responsible for the state of games today. The one that started it all. The Bowser Mario costume makes for a good punching bag as well for kids.

The Adult Bowser costume has a lot to it such as:

  • The mask like hoodie, that brings that face. The face that got us frustrated the moment it appeared on the screen. The face that made us want to punch the hell out of it. That fire breathing face that made us hear that iconic death music. Countless of times at that as well.
  • The turtle skin that’s proof of him being one of the Koopa Kingdom. He’s quite different from them though. If you look at them, they’re like super innocent and cute. But he’s far from any of that.
  • The Shell at the back that prevents you from going near it. The only one possible for pulling off that feat is Mario. In addition, He makes him go round and round at the same time.


  • All the details are copied really well.
  • It looks a lot like the modern video game versions that everyone loves.


  • The shell at the back is too small.


If you’re someone who’s been dreaming of beating Bowser. Dreaming of making him regret all the princess abductions he’s done to this very day. This is it. This is how you can pay him back.

If you’re someone who wants to relive those days. Wants to play the role of the bad guy for once. This is for you as well.

Whether it’s a convention or an expo, this has got you covered. It’s something that goes even well with the Halloween parties. Even birthday parties would love some men’s Bowser cosplay outfit. But kids will be punching you for the most part. So brace yourself.

E3 is the best pick for the men’s Bowser costume in my opinion. It’s like the best place you can wear it on. The perfect occasion.

Kids Bowser Costume:

Kids Bowser costume was a very good addition to the series. It gave us a better insight into Bowser’s character. It also gave another character to hate. Another target to throw into the lava.

But this one I don’t want to beat up. He’s a kid. Plus, the way he cries when he loses and everything is cute. He’s a cute version of the Bowser we know. This makes the Kids Bowser cosplay costume one of a kind.


Here we have the exact boys Bowser costume from the video game. It’s got everything it had in the video game as well. This makes it something that goes well with almost everything.

The Kids Bowser costume has a lot to it such as:

  • The same spikes that we saw on the Super Mario video game. The spikes would be uncomfortable to wear if they were real. This way, by merging them with the Kids cosplay costume it’s easier.
  • The turtle skin that’s a part of their kingdom. It keeps the true koopa look alive while still being so different from the Koopa we kick around.
  • The shell that’s almost the same one his father wears. The spikes are there as well but they don’t seem as deadly. It’s like everything is a cuter version. The cosplay outfit is not intimidating at all.


  • The resemblance to the original costume is preserved in a very good way.
  • It looks easy to use and comfortable to wear.


  • Some of the details are missed and iconic ones at that.


Kids Bowser costume gave us a better insight on the character. It showed us that he can be cute as well. At the same time, it showed us a brand new character. One that’d be included in the games to come.

Whether it’s a convention or an expo, it’s perfect for everything. Even Halloween can make the most out of the Kids cosplay costume. E3 is the best option in my opinion.

The Nintendo Booth would surely love to have you as their mascot. You might get new hints regarding a video game that’s about to be released.

Bowser Cosplay Advice and Tips:

Make sure to try out the Bowser cosplay outfit prior to the occasion. This will make you have a better feel of everything. Moreover, try to do that rawwr since it’d bring out the original one.

Be sure to find Mario and Peach and take some iconic pictures. It’d be great that way. Be on the checkout on some other Mario characters and do a group photo. That’d be great since we’d have the whole squad here in real life.

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