How To Make A Buddy The Elf Costume

Buddy the Elf Adult Costume

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The best way to spread Christmas cheer this year is to sing loud for all to hear AND follow our Buddy the Elf DIY cosplay tutorial for your next convention or office Christmas party. 

About Buddy The Elf

Buddy the Elf (played by Will Ferrel) passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly-twirly gum drops, and then he walked through the Lincoln Tunnel into Manhattan, New York City just to meet his dear old dad and oh, buddy is Buddy out of place in the Big Apple. 

Buddy is (almost) an elf and he looks like one in his long green coat, big black belt, yellow tights, and cute green hat. He always wears this—unless his dad insists. 

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Buddy the Elf Wig

This wig will let you travel all that long way without worrying about your hair. Your dad is sure to be impressed. Just wait until he hears you answer the phone! Everyone is going to want to call his office once they realize they can finally share their favorite color.

Buddy the Elf Adult Costume

This officially licensed Elf costume comes with everything you need to make a grand entrance at your holiday party this season. The nylon and polyester green tunic jacket fastens with hook & loop fastener at the back of the neck.

Adult Munchkin Costume Shoes

This officially licensed Elf costume comes with everything you need to make a grand entrance at your holiday party this season.

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Will Ferrel’s Buddy the Elf


Buddy has an adorable, unruly mop of red-orange curls. Unless you’re rocking the same mop, you’ll want to find a wig to help you out. They’re easily found online or at a costume shop.

Elf Uniform: 

There are a couple ways to go about becoming Buddy. There are full authentic Buddy the Elf costume kits available online, or you could go the true DIY approach. 

You’ll need a long (think mid-thigh) kelly green coat with white faux-fur around the collar area and cuffs. You could make the coat yourself or have it commissioned. You could even modify a bathrobe to work for you. There’s a gold detail that trails down from top to bottom on the lapels—you could either do this with a sewn-on gold trim, or gold fabric paint. For the white faux-fur, that can be sewn or fabric glued on, and all of those materials can be found online or at a fabric store 

Buddy wears a thick, black belt with a square, gold buckle around his waist. That can be found online or at a costume shop. It can also be made with black vinyl or vegan leather and you could use a picture frame for the buckle. 

His hat is a green cone with a wide yellow ribbon and a red feather. You could make the hat out of a piece of felt, a wide piece of yellow ribbon, and a costume feather. 

Instead of trousers, Buddy wears mustard yellow footed tights. You could also accomplish his look with yellow leggings. 

And don’t forget your pointy-toed elf shoes! If you don’t want to buy a pre-fabricated pair from a costume shop or online, you could make some points out of felt or another fabric and attach them to your own shoes. 

You can’t be a cotton-headed ninny muggins—bring some candy to munch on and hand out to the other folks at the con! After all, the four main food groups for elves are candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup. Bye, Buddy! Hope you find your dad!

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