Carmen Sandiego Costume Guide

Carmen Sandiego Carmen Cosplay Costume

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Carmen Sandiego is a criminal mastermind who had kids from around the country on the lookout for her back in the 90s. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Everywhere! She’s had her own TV series, video games and even toys and board games. And soon, she’ll have her own Netflix show. Get lost at your next cosplay event or halloween party with with your own Carmen Sandiego costume.

Read the guide below to learn how to dress up as Carmen Sandiego for cosplay or Halloween.

Carmen Sandiego Costume Ideas

Carmen Sandiego Carmen Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

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How to Dress Like Carmen Sandiego


Carmen has long straight dark brown hair, giving her a timeless and classy look in any situation. To nail this look yourself, you can either dye and style your own hair or wear a wig. To straighten your hair, you’ll need to either go to a professional salon or use a metal straightening iron. If you prefer the simpler route, browse around your local

Halloween store or any costume website to find the best wig for you.


Ms. Sandiego isn’t big on makeup and prefers to tone things down with a simple pale rose lipstick. You can order this online or buy a tube from the cosmetics counter of any drugstore.


With simple black stretch pants, a black turtleneck top (in some forms she wears a skinny black necktie and red blouse) and a bright red duster coat, Carmen Sandiego is ready to sneak into the night in style!

You can buy these items online from websites like Amazon or eBay, from retail websites or from thrift stores. Use black yoga pants or slacks if you prefer, or sew these items yourself from scratch.

Hat & Accessories:

To add the finishing touches to your DIY Carmen Sandiego costume, find a pair of tall, sleek black or gray boots, a pair of dark green or black leather gloves and a large wide-brim red hat with a black or yellow ribbon around it.

You can order a wide variety of hat styles with wide brims online, from fedora hats to safari hats, and you can customize it to your preferences with black or yellow fabric if you can’t locate a hat with the right color ribbon. Check out retro thrift stores, too.

For the gloves and boots, Visit online cosplay websites, shoe stores, local Halloween stores and retail clothing stores.

About Carmen Sandiego


A philosopher once said, “Competition can make you stronger.”

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