Zero Two Cosplay Suit

Darling in the Franxx Zero Two Code 002 Headwear Cosplay Accessory Prop

Price: $9.99

Zero Two Cosplay Suit

Here’s a girl that was famous the moment she blinked her eyes in front of us. A girl that people liked from the very start and someone that had become a favorite right from the very start. Darling in the Franxx, the moment it was announced seemed to be some mainstream mecha anime bringing Gundam to mind whenever we heard of it.

But the moment the first episode aired, we were proved wrong and the show delivered something new and in the mecha genre at that. Zero two was one of the best new characters of the year 2018 and is still on everyone’s radar. This makes Zero two cosplay costume a good pick and a good .

Zero two Cosplay Suit:

Darling in the Franxx Zero Two Code 002 Headwear Cosplay Accessory Prop

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Darling in the Franxx Zero Two Code 002 Cosplay Costume - New Edition

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Darling in the Franxx Zero Two Code 002 Lower Eyelashes Cosplay Accessory Prop

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Zero Two Suit – darling in the franxx cosplay

When we talk about character, zero 2 had a strange that was enveloped in mystery and was gloomy from head to toe. Her whole appearance was something that was attractive, charming, and beautiful as well as mysterious at the very same time. This made her character something we hadn’t seen before bringing something new to the table. Her whole look with the horns and that red and pink contrasts kind of added up to her appeal making it sky-high. She is the pistil and Zero two cosplay suit is something most of the people would have their eyes on.

Zero Two Outfit Features:

Here we have the same Zero two cosplay costume from the anime itself. Darling in the Franxx was really hyped and was making the news at the start. It was considered to be the best show up until the first half of it’s airing. Things went downhill and took a turn in a different direction when we approached the second half of the show.

But it doesn’t change the fact of how as a character 02 aces it and brings something new and charming in front of our very own eyes. The pink and red along with the white go hand in hand all over the place making a beautiful sight of three children playing hide and seek. The details are done really well and give us the perfect Zero two outfit out there bringing the whole character here in the real world.


  • The exact Zero two cosplay costume from the anime Darling in the Franxx.
  • The colors go well with each other and bring us the entirety of the character.
  • The way it’s made and the way things are looking as the end product is something really worth the price.


  • The 02 cosplay costumes. It might be uncomfortable for some people.
  • The stuff might get damaged later on but this might be only my opinion.


If you’re a Darling in the Franxx fan who was enthralled and bewitched by the show the moment it came out, this is for you. This is sure to bring justice to your 2018 self who was a huge fan of the series and wouldn’t give a second thought to rewatch it again. That’s the kind of show it was, enjoyable even when things took a turn. Still, this doesn’t change the fact that we have our girl, 02 right here with us. The Zero two cosplay costumes is something that the convention and expos are sure to be looking out for. A lot of fans of the show are out there waiting to have another look at the character. This looks like a perfect opportunity now doesn’t it? It’s sure to make everyone nostalgic and remember the series in its entirety once again.


Here we have the Headwear of the character that’s sure to lift the whole Zero two cosplay red suit to another level. Make it reach even new heights. The Headwear looks really cool and the anime version of the band kind of looks bland when the two are brought together and seen side by side. The details and everything look exactly like the Darling in the Franxx anime version and bring the character right here in front of our very own eyes. The perfect thing about this Headwear is how it’s not only limited in its ways and means to go along only with the Zero two red suit. It’s fashionable and looks like something you can walk around without the Zero two outfit. This makes it a good deal and provides you with a lot of opportunities and options that make things a lot more easier.

Zero Two Boots:

The boots make not only this but every outfit ‘boot up’. They’re the heart and soul of any cosplay outfit along with the normal ones and something that shouldn’t be missed out on when planning. and the same can be said here since the Zero two cosplay costume is something that should be brought out in front of the people as something complete with everything in its the perfect place.

The boots are exactly like the anime version down to the very slightest of the details. They make the Zero two cosplay costume complete and bring the character 02 right in front of our very own eyes. As with the headwear, they’re not limited to only go along with the Zero two cosplay costume. They’re suitable for almost every occasion making us see new paths untraversed.

Zero Two Makeup tutorial:

Let’s face it, Zero 2 is attractive anime cosplay girls idea. Her whole makeup and everything are done really well making us look at a perfect girl character. Even if you’re all dressed up in the Zero two red suit and are ready to move out, something would feel off for sure. You’d feel as if something’s missing and not in it’s place.

Yes, that thing is the makeup. Here is a video that’s very educational when it comes to that and something that’s sure to have you onboard the moment you click at the play button. It’s not difficult at all and would let you have a feeling of the character right away. It’s sure to bring out the best Zero two cosplay to date.

Zero Two Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

Zero two Personality:

As I said earlier, Zero two has a rather unique personality. It’s safe to say that she’s a dangerous girl. She pilots really well and has the pseudonym ‘Partner Killer’ since her co-pilots die after a short number of Franxx outings. But with Hiro, things seem to be different.

She’s good towards him and even tries to entertain him at times. Still, even after all that, she knows a lot more about the outside world than the other members. She keeps things to the point and is cold at heart. However, as the story progressed she seems to show a different side to her that was nothing like the one we knew. She’s got a lot of sides to her bringing a lot of depth to her character.

Zero two Cosplay Advice And Tips:

Make sure to dress up in the Zero two cosplay costume prior to the occasion to have a whole feeling of the outfit. Do some chores and walk around to make yourself comfortable with it. Moreover, make sure the headband is always in it’s perfect place using your phone as the guide while adjusting. The boots should be accustomed to as well prior to the outing to make sure things go smoothly and nothing messes up. and the makeup tutorial is a must and something that shouldn’t be missed out one if you want the best Zero two cosplay. Keep all this in mind and you’re sure to pull off the best Zero two cosplay outfit to date.

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