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A Deadman Wonderland Cosplay is your ultimate horror costume idea. The quality production technique, and well-thought-out costume design bring out the perfect characters to explore. Deadman wonderland is set in an imaginary private prison, where the anime’s main character, Ganta Igarashi, is sentenced to serve. Needless to say, a private prison is not one of those places where love and peace thrive, and the conditions leave nothing much to write home about.

Here are some cosplay ideas to check out from the amazing Deadman wonderland.

Deadman Wonderland Cosplay Ideas

My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Akademia Geten Halloween Yellow Cosplay Shoes

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Akademia Geten Halloween Cosplay Costume

Actual colors may vary slightly from the images due to lighting and monitor resolution changes.

Deadman wonderland has only one season, and most of the characters are inmates at the ‘deadman wonderland” where Ganta is in prison. Despite having such a dark setting, the Anime offers some pretty cool cosplay costumes to try out.

Ready for the ride? Let’s dive in!

Conquer Your Fear in Good Quality Ganta Igarashi Cosplay Costumes

Ganta, alias woodpecker, is the main character and an inmate at the Deadman wonderland, where he is sentenced to after Redman framed him for killing his classmates. He swears to avenge the death of his friends and for being framed for a crime he did not perpetrate. The prison’s brutality initially scares Ganta, but he soon masters courage and fights for his place in Deadman Wonderland.

The Ganta body suit is the first item you will need to successfully play as this character. Shop for a fitting body suit with the relevant symbols drawn on the front and back sides of the item. You may also choose to order for a Deadman Wonderland cosplay necklace which will account for the shackles prisoners wear in the prison.

Ganta Deadman wonderland cosplay costumes can be rare, and it would help if you contact a trusted seller well in advance for the cosplay items to allow for shipping or tailoring in case the costume is out of stock.

Rock Your Best Look in a Shiro Cosplay Costume

Shiro is Ganta’s childhood friend, and his ultimate crush in adulthood. She is a pretty Albino woman with very long white hair, and red eyes. She wears a white body-fitting suit (peach works well, too). You can also search for brown mittens relevant for this cosplay category.

Reading customer reviews before making your orders will give you much company information so that you understand the seller’s credibility. Also, it would help if you review the information you enter regarding your item size in order to receive fitting Deadman wonderland cosplay costumes.

Explore Your Dark Side in a Rinichirō Hagire Cosplay

Rinichirō Hagire is the main antagonist of the series and is sometimes referred to as the Director . He created Shiro’s Wretched Egg after a lengthy research as a doctor. Rinichirō, despite his dark intentions is a brilliant scientist, and has enviable abilities that you can embody in Deadman wonderland cosplay.

There are three Rinichirō bodies (Generations) that you can embody for this cosplay. To cosplay his original body, you will search for a black and white T-Shirt that you will wear under a white lab coat. You will also select suitable black pants and shoes. Your hair should be unkempt, and you can use black face paint to create dark rings around your eyes to account for the character’s sleep deprivation.

His second generation body is that of a sickly old man with grey hair. As such, you will need hospital clothing, and use face paint to draw lines on your face to symbolize his old age. Toto Sakigami is his third generation body.

Cosplay Pro Tip : Some of the Rinichirō Hagire cosplay items are easy to make at home to save on the cosplay cost.

Reincarnate Your Memories in a Toto Sakigami Cosplay

Toto Sakigami is the resurrection of the series’ main antagonist, Rinichirō Hagire. He was a Deadman in Wonderland before Rinichiro chose to reincarnate in his body.

Toto has feather-like green hair, and wears a long white coat that zips from the navel upwards over a white T-shirt and white pants.

Deadman Wonderland Has Perfect Halloween Cosplay Costume Ideas

A Deadman Wonderland Cosplay has perfect Halloween cosplay ideas, owing to the scary characters and costume stock it provides. Ensure to order your costumes early to allow for order processing and shipping.

Happy Cosplaying.

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