Dexter Morgan Costume Guide

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Dexter Morgan Cosplay Costume

Dexter Morgan Costume Guide

Dexter Morgan: DIY Cosplay

Not all antiheroes wear capes—some of them wear lab coats. Beguile the best of them at the next convention or Halloween party with a Dexter Morgan costume.

Dexter Morgan is the protagonist of the popular Showtime series DEXTER as well as the book series of the same name. He’s a handsome, charming forensic blood splatter analyst with a deep, dark secret: he’s also the Bay Harbor Butcher, a serial-killing vigilante. Justice is the name of his game, as he tracks down murderers that wiggle their way out of the hands of the law.

Take a look at the list below to build your own DIY Dexter Morgan cosplay look.

Dexter Morgan Costume Ideas

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