Best Dragon Con 2018 Cosplay Showcase

Best Cosplay of Dragon Con 2018

Dragon Con 2018 is here and amateur and professional cosplayers from near and far have descended upon Atlanta to show off their latest creations. Dragon Con features some of the best and most creative cosplay because of the wide variety of fandoms represented, including characters from literature, games, science fiction, fantasy, film, comics and more.

View some of the most impressive cosplays and photography from Dragon Con 2018 below and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

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How to Participate

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How to Submit Your Dragon Con 2018 Cosplay Photo

Submit your photo for consideration to be included in this contest by using one of the following methods:

  • Via Submission Form: Post your submission on Instagram or Facebook using hashtag #gogocosplay and email the link to us via our contact form. (Make sure to select “Cosplay Showcase Submission” in the “Purpose” drop down field)

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Click on the up arrow next to or below the entry you’d like to vote for. You can vote up multiple entries. Each vote will increase ranking of the entry. The entry with the most votes will have the top ranking #1. (NOTE: There sometimes is a delay in vote tallies but the rankings are always accurate. If you don’t see votes reflected immediately check back later to see the correct amount of votes.)

Vote for the Best Dragon Con 2018 Cosplay Below:

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#3 Zombietrooper Cosplay by @trooper_726. PH: @photoman_walking3022

75 Points
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#4 Cartoon Beetlejuice Cosplay by @knowlabito_incognito

61 Points
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#6 Aquaman by @sasukeoregame. PH: @cubster_cosplay_photography

49 Points
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#7 Cyclops Cosplay at Dragon Con 2018 by @ro.verse

33 Points
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#8 Ororo Munroe Cosplay by @deconstructingmama. PH: @gimmiecookie

30 Points
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#10 DBZ Cosplay Photo at Dragon Con by @wonder_carr

21 Points
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#12 Heimdall Cosplay by @fire_forged_cosplay

20 Points
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#13 Thor at DragonCon 2018 by @brandon.vanhook

19 Points
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#14 Post-Apocalyptic Cosplay at Dragon Con by @windleycreations

18 Points
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#15 Brigette Overwatch Cosplay by @ladykitzcosplay

17 Points
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#16 Kanan Jarrus Cosplay by @thewalkingfarnsworth

16 Points
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#17 Doctor Stranger Things Cosplay Photo by @justindustin

15 Points
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#18 Tien Shinhan Cosplay by @jaceyjulep

14 Points
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#20 Odin Dark Cosplay at Dragon Con 2018 by @foamsmeef

12 Points
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#21 Doctor Doom Cosplay by @wonder_carr

12 Points
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#23 Shuri Black Panther Cosplay by @cutiepiesensei

10 Points
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#24 Indiana Jones Last Crusade Cosplay Photo by @justindustin

#26 Mad Moxxi Cosplay by @darth_aleah

#27 Tails Cosplay by @cutiepiesensei. PC: candidjohnkim

#28 The Heathers / Gotham City Sirens by @caleighallen & friends

#29 The Wasp Cosplay Video by @thegoddamnbatmanuel

#30 Old Han Solo Cosplay Photo by @justindustin

#32 Belle Rey Mashup by @bethyghoul. PH: @foundry412

#33 Diana Prince Mashup by @mayanempire. PH: @danny_hunter_9000

#34 Wakandan Wonder Woman by @mayanempire. PH: @drlawsphotolab

#35 Mr. & Mrs. Incredible @captianpuertorico_ @shapeshiftingprincess

#37 Rachael Blade Runner Cosplay by @mj_and_spidey

#39 Monster Hunter Cosplay by @hydraworx

#43 Cheetara Cosplay by @caleighallen

#44 Lady Diane Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay by @lexi_rae_sunshine

#48 Powerpuff Girls Cosplay Photo by @markparianicosplay

#49 Proxima Midnight Cosplay by @deisely. PH: @markparianicosplay

#50 Jareth Cosplay: @elliottscosplay P: @mysteriousdragonphotography

#51 Deadpool & Wolverine Selfie by @antihero.ethan

#53 Yang Xio Long Cosplay: @raeofgeorgiasunshine P: @worldofgwendana

#55 Meta Knight Cosplay by @sutefaniiroozu

Are you ready for this novel? Lol SOO, first off I just want to thank you all for being here on my page! You have no idea how much it means to me that you’re part of my journey & follow my work ???????? I put my heart & soul into my costumes & it really means the world to me that you guys like it just as much as I do! Especially, when you take time out of your day to like/comment on my posts & cheer me on! You guys are such a positive/uplifting influence on me! You make me want to do bigger & better things, & help other people in the community! As most of you already know, I officially turned my cosplay hobby / streaming on twitch into a full time job last month! Unfortunately, Patreon has been going through some changes with the way they process payment the past few months & it’s taken a small toll on my income, declining payments. If you’re a current supporter, please read the most recent post on my Patreon feed to help sort out any problems! If you aren’t currently a patreon supporter but really love my work & my content, please consider supporting what I do! I’m not asking for handouts, all my patrons receive rewards from digital behind the scenes photos & cosplay patterns (starting this month with Meta Knight!) to physical cosplay keepsakes, prints, stickers, & more! Patreon & Twitch subs are the reason I’m able to do what I do in the capacity that I do it! I hope to continue to grow and progress like I have been (up until patreons recent changes) thank you for everything! Hope you had a great weekend. I love you guys! Never give up on your dreams!!

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#57 Darth Talon Cosplay by @magicmarymermaid

#59 Red Sonja Cosplay by @kitten_mcsquish

#63 Thor Cosplay Photo at Dragon Con 2018 by @blueprintvisualworks

#66 Indiana Jones Family Cosplay by @pittforcefive

#73 Cammy Cosplay by @julierenay. PC: @foundry412

#74 Marowak Cosplay by @sutefaniiroozu. PC: @candidjohnkim

#79 Moira Overwatch Cosplay by @goldchickadee

#80 Macho Man Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan Cosplay by @joelxero

#81 Moon Knight Cosplay by @betweenthepanels